Camp Jenny: Summer Camp at Home

Are you ready for some good ‘ole fun? This summer, my boys and I are embarking on Camp Jenny!

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Summer Camp at Home - Fun Activities, Outings, Recipes and More

Welcome to Camp Jenny – Summer Camp at Home!

Join in the summer fun with me this year as we embark on Camp Jenny! Oh yes, I’m the director of this camp and we are getting ready for some serious adventures.

It should be interesting to see what these boys come up with and the adventures we decide to take on.

I’ll update this page as we take on new sites, sounds, crafts… you name it!

Read our weekly Camp Jenny goals… and keep tabs to see if we actually can keep up 🙂

I have a dream that we rent an RV and spend the entire summer visiting a number of the national parks across the U.S. My boys aren’t there yet, but a girl’s gotta have dreams! Perhaps Camp Jenny will be just that in a couple of summers.


But until then, join us on our summer adventures and get some fun ideas to do with your own kiddos.

Camp Jenny Adventures

I think Chicago is one of the finest cities in the world. It’s an amazing place to visit, let alone live near. But it can be costly if you don’t know how to use the city. Try these 25 free summer activities in Chicago you can do with the kids and whole family!

Have you been dying to go whitewater rafting but are waiting for your kids to be old enough? There’s an awesome trip you can take that your younger kids will find adventuresome while you enjoy the beauty of the Arkansas River.

Visit the Ausable Chasm, often called the Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks. We floated down the river of the Ausable Chasm that has created this visual marvel.

Natural Stone Bridge and Caves, located in the Adirondack National Park, is an amazing natural attraction. And what a beautiful destination it is! It also turned out to be wonderful, educational, outdoor fun for everyone.


Camp Jenny Reading

Oh yes, our hammocks are not going to go to waste! Get your kids reading along with mine this summer! These summer reading lists are keeping my kids excited about reading throughout the summer break.

Camping near the beach at First Landing State Park no app

Camp Jenny Museums

The very name Adirondack Museum is deceptive. It’s a complete campus of educational exhibits, interactive activities and outdoor sights. It’s more like the Adirondack Experience!

Camp Jenny Activities

Ever feel like everything costs money? There’s no reason to break the bank just because the kids are home for the summer. You already have the basic materials at home to make this a memorable summer without killing your wallet… just try these 200 free summer activities for kids! We’ve already bookmarked some for the summer.

The fact is, kids never take a break! And neither should their learning. Whether you use this series to help build your child’s sensory system or to help fulfill your child’s sensory diet, you’ll find fun and easy sensory activities you can easily do at home in my summer sensory series!

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