50+ Easy Sensory Play Ideas

Sensory play ideas don’t have to be complicated!

There are tons of sensory play materials you have just sitting in your house that you can use today!

Want more sensory ideas? Be sure to check out our other fun sensory activities for kids!

And as always, make sure any items you use are age appropriate for your child when setting up sensory bins.

simple sensory bin fillers

Sensory Play / Sensory Bin Fillers In Your House

Don’t miss out on our ultimate list of sensory bin fillers, too!

simple sensory bin fillers you have at home

Sensory Bin Fillers In Your House

kitchen sensory bin tools

Kitchen Tools to Add to Sensory Play Ideas

There are so items you can add to sensory bins to make them even more interesting and engaging, from scooping and sorting to picking up and pouring.

Don’t miss our ultimate list of sensory bin tools, too!

Sensory Bin Kitchen Tools

sensory bin containers

Receptacles for Sensory Bins

If you’re not sure what to host your child’s sensory bin in, consider the following:

Sensory Bin Containers

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