Santa Fed My Kid Christmas Cocaine

Kids across the globe are already jumping out of their skin just thinking about Santa’s arrival.

I swear the big-bearded man swooped down to our house this year and fed them Christmas cocaine because they are BOUNCING off the walls.

Before the Thanksgiving turkey was even popped into the oven, my boys were asking when they could set up the Christmas tree, put up the Christmas lights and pull out their holiday musical snow globes.

I bet if we could open the doors to the houses around us, we would see the same scene — gleeful squeals as the tree was readied for ornaments, ooh and ahhhs as the outdoor twinkle lights were turned on for the first time and nervous giggles as the resident Elf on the Shelf made its holiday appearance.

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At this time of year, I find myself exasperated at the urgency in everything.

Can’t you monkeys just wait for one minute before I kill myself trying to get the star on top of the tree?

But then I remind myself that the biggest magic of Christmas is the infectiously pure joy kids have at Christmas…. Even if it seems like they’re just on caffeinated Diet Coke.

EVOLVE: Tell us a story about how Santa crazed your kids are.

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  1. Not my kids. They never believed in Santa. It was easier to tell them the truth than to explain that he’s antisemitic. They kept the secret throughout childhood and even delighted in asking their friends what Santa brought. Don’t feel sorry for them. They weren’t lacking with a gift every night for eight nights.

  2. My 4 yr old is finally at an age where she’s anticipating Christmas. She’s not really all about the gifts…she’s just all about it being “Chris-a-mis”. Anything with a slight winter motif to it…”Look! It’s Chris-a-mis! We have to get it!” I’m not sure what she thinks Chris-a-mis means, because she’s not really into giving a list of what she wants…she just knows there are lots of fun movies and treats this “Chris-a-mis” time of year. Right now she is obsessing over every Christmas movie ever made. We’ve watched all the classics at LEAST 10 times each by now!

    1. I do love all of the Christmas craziness. Lsat year, by January, we were ALL done with Christmas 🙂

  3. it’s the best time of year for kids. I remember being so excited! And if family was arriving too… OH MY WORD! Just vacuum up any left over coke and share in their spirit! Thanks for hooking up to the Hump Day Hook Up

    1. Ha! My husband and I do find us secretly smiling because it is so crazy and fun to watch how bonkers the kiddos get. 🙂

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