Romantic Comedy Movies Challenge: Week 2

Thanks for following our odyssey of watching 30 days of romantic comedies. We may make it. We may not. This post does contain affiliate links.

On a whim, my husband Scott and I thought… wouldn’t it be fun to watch 30 days of romantic comedies? Let’s see what happens. Well, life happens. And business trips. And tired parents who only get through 1/2 a movie in a night. But we’re still on our quest to watch 30 days of romantic comedies! Yes folks. We are crazy but really enjoying the ride.

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This week, due to business trips and only watching 1/2 a movie per night, we got through three movies. But boy were they great films! This week Renée Zellweger appeared in two films, while big hitters Tom Cruise and Kevin Costner joined in.

Of course, Scott is offering up his opinion of the films to give you a guy perspective.

Jerry Maguire Movie

Day 9/10: Jerry MaguireScott felt he had the strongest emotional response to Jerry Maguire because there was so much thrown at the characters the whole time that it built up. After all, they put Jerry Maguire at the worst point of his life and he overcomes it. Scott really liked the friendship that developed between Jerry and Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character and how they helped each other. In the end, one found the love of the game while the other one found the love of family.

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Day 11/12: Business Trip: No. This isn’t the name of the movie we watched. Instead, I was left to my own devices as Scott traveled for work. Downtown Abbey ruled the roost. Wahoo! I couldn’t wait to watch the ending! Is it just me or did this season go out with a wimper rather than a bang? Bummer.

Bridget Jones's Diary

Day 13/14: Bridget Jones’s DiaryThere’s just something always slightly perverted about British films, and Bridget Jones’s Diary is no exception. From the vicars and tarts party to her running outside in her undies in the snow, Scott thought the offbeat humor made it really funny.

For any Jane Austen fans, Colin Firth “reprised” his role as Mr. Darcy (from his career-defining appearance Pride and Prejudice) in this movie.

Bull Durham

Day 15/16: Bull DurhamScott said he was sucked in and really felt the slight desperation that comes with playing in a AAA baseball league. Not only was the movie packed with intellectually funny scenes, the characters were extremely complex. Again, Scott thought the name Crash Davis was one of better film names of all time. Plus, the sex scenes. I don’t need to say more.

Day 17: Girls’ Night: Every girl deserves a night to hang out with her girlfriends. My youngest had a playdate, so I stayed to catch up, have a glass a wine and get in some laughs. Hubby managed another play date at our house and watched Pawn Stars. I’d say that watching Pawn Stars is such a guy thing, but I’m actually addicted to the show. They show such cool stuff!



  1. Bull Durham is a classic. Great choice.

    Pawn Stars is cool. You need to go and see it. I have been a couple of times when I am in Vegas.

    1. I’ve actually never been but it looks fascinating…. although I have a feeling hubby would find something ridiculous he would want to buy. Ha!

      1. Will be in Vegas in April and plan to bring another suitcase for the pawn stars place. 🙂

  2. I completely agree with you. Downtown Abbey was a total bummer this year. The season seemed short too. Oh well, hopefully next year will be better. Now I have zombies to look forward to every Sunday evening.

  3. Just realized I wrote Downtown Abbey. That’s a totally different show!

  4. Bull Durham and Jerry Maguire wouldn’t be classified as romantic comedies in my world although I do love them and am glad they made your list! Downton Abbey is so good! And Bridget Jones is a classic. I can’t believe your husband is watching so many! Interesting to get his take.

    1. He was up for the change and I took it!!! And I know that Bull Durham and Jerry Maguire are comedies, but they are definitely centered around getting the girl 🙂

  5. Jerry Maguire is one of my all time favorite movies. Hubby & I are always quoting it and our kid thinks we are bonkers especially when we do the “Show me the Money” bit lol

    1. I’m going to start asking my husband where the quan is 😉

      1. You complete me…put that in your quan and smoke it.

  6. Sky Evans says:

    I definitely agree with you about Downtown Abbey.

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