Romantic Comedy Movies Challenge: Week 1

Thanks for following our odyssey of watching 30 days of romantic comedies. We may make it. We may not. This post does contain affiliate links.

On Valentine’s Day, Scott and I settled in to watch a romantic comedy. It’s been a while since we watched a good rom com and it just hit the spot. We enjoyed laughing, the light-hearted banter of the film and leaving with warm fuzzies. So we thought, what would happen if we watched a month of romantic comedies? Thus started our romantic comedy movies challenge. If you missed my intro, read it here.

Some people commented that they would go batty trying to watch a movie a day. Folks! I am in my 40s with younger kids. I really need my sleep. Hubby and I believe you don’t have to watch a complete movie in one sitting. Instead, we did break up some of these films into two days. It’s all about self-preservation while getting in some snuggles. Here’s how this week went:

Day 1: The Holiday

Day 2: Love Actually

Day 3/4: Serendipity

Day 5: None. Netflix fail.

Day 6: Say Anything

Day 7: Pretty Woman

Day 8: The Lego Movie

The first thing that struck us looking over our romantic comedy movie list is the fact that we’ve already seen two films with John Cusack in them, appearing in Serendipity and Say Anything. We had forgotten what a romcom powerhouse he was. I had also forgotten how inappropriate Pretty Woman is with Julia Roberts as a hooker. Since when do we love hookers? And yet, you can’t help but enjoy this film.

Winners of the Week

Scott chose Love Actually as his favorite movie from the movie. He was impressed with how they pulled all of the stories together at the end, and they were all great story lines.

My vote goes to Say Anything. I love the cult feel of the movie, the raw emotion of young love and the ridiculous humor of being 18. Can you remember what it felt like to be aimless and desperately in love?

REVIEWS: A Man’s Perspective on Romantic Comedies

As promised, Scott is offering his own personal take on many of these romantic comedies. So ladies, take notes. You may just find a movie your man is willing to watch.

Movie: The Holiday (2006) Kate Winslet (Actor), Cameron Diaz (Actor),  Nancy Meyers (Director)

Day 1: The HolidayScott thought The Holiday was fun, sincere and lighthearted. He thought the acting was good (because let’s face it, romcoms don’t always have the best acting). Scott really liked the flirting between Jack Black and Kate Winslet and felt all of the characters were believable.

On a serious side note, Scott wants to move into the L.A. house featured in the movie. He felt it was romantic and big and he could get used to living like that. Ditto on my part.

BTW — I used to have a major crush on Jude Law, and this movie reminded me of just how hot he is. Watch it just to watch him.

Love Actually - 10th Anniversary Edition (2003) Hugh Grant (Actor), Liam Neeson (Actor), Richard Curtis (Director)

Day 2: Love ActuallyScott really loved the opening where everyone is hugging at the airport. He felt it was a terrific entry into what the movie was about. But he really liked the fact that the movie had six or seven payoffs in the end. He said it was just a great build up throughout the movie and a terrific payoff and wrap-up when the movie was done.

Movie: Serendipity (2001) John Cusack (Actor), Kate Beckinsale (Actor), Peter Chelsom (Director)

Day 3/4: SerendipityAs I stated above, Scott and I don’t believe you have to watch a whole movie in one sitting. Otherwise, we may actually never see a film. This may have been considered blasphemy before we had kids. But they’re here now, and we don’t feel that way anymore. Sleep is way too important.

Scott said in Seredipity he really cared about the characters and was rooting for them to get together in the end. It kept him engaged the whole time… even though we broke it up into two nights. Scott felt the screenplay was really well written. Plus, the average guy get the seriously hot chick (Kate Beckinsale), which he thought was a bonus. (Such a guy, right?)

Day 5: None. We ran out of DVDs so we turned to Netflix and had an epic fail. Yep, we had a complete Netflix fail; however, I’m not blaming it on Netflix. I’m actually blaming it on our cable company. I’m talking to you, Comcast! During prime time hours when everyone is streaming and downloading, our cable service can slow down to a ridiculous trickle of data. Which made it impossible to watch a movie that night. So we watched the opening of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon via Tivo. Go Jimmy!

Movie: Say Anything (1989) John Cusack (Actor), Ione Skye (Actor), Cameron Crowe (Director)

Day 6: Say AnythingThe big thing of this movie for Scott was the underdog ultimately gets the girl. (I didn’t ruin the movie for you, did I?) You just want to him win win win! Does it get better any better at capturing the age of 18? Being directionless and overwhelmed by emotion. Scott says the movie created empathy for Cusack as an independent, good-to-the-core young man trying to find his way.

By far, Say Anything has an awesome soundtrack. In addition, we were just howling at the sidekick friend who kept singing tormented songs about her ex-beau Joe. Scott also couldn’t get over how awesome the main character’s name is — Lloyd Dobbler. “I don’t know what it is, but it’s just perfect,” he said.

Movie: Pretty Woman (15th Anniversary Special Edition) (1990) Julia Roberts (Actor), Richard Gere (Actor), Garry Marshall (Director)

 Day 7: Pretty WomanA movie has to be perfectly crafted to have a hooker with a golden heart work that well, says Scott. For Julia Roberts to pull off the lines she did just reflects how good the movie is. Add in a terrific soundtrack and it was just a fun ride. Richard Gere also is made for playing the corporate guy. Watching this movie we realized Gere has the most amazing head of hair. “That thing could take a bullet,” Scott said.

We finished this movie late at night (11:30pm but it may as well have been in the middle of the night) and neither one of us realized the time because we were enjoying the movie. Scott even commented it felt just as fun as when he saw it last time in the 90s.

On a personal note, some movies create the perfect one liner. Can anyone say “Cinder-f***king-rella?”

The LEGO Movie (3D Blu-ray + Blu-ray + DVD + UltraViolet Combo Pack)

Day 8: The Lego MovieOkay, this isn’t actually a romantic comedy. But it was Saturday as well as family date night. You don’t expect us to do two movies in the same night, do you?!? Besides, the love story between construction worker Emmett and racy Wyldstyle heated up the screen. Ha!



  1. Love Actually is one of my favorite movies of all time. Glad he liked it.

    The scary thing is that I quote from it.

    1. Ha! Not scary at all. We quote from other movies all the time.

  2. That’s such a great idea! Though I think Scott’s comments were a lot nicer than my boyfriend’s would have been. I think my boyfriend would have spent the night talking about how unrealistic it was or that some thing were just too over the top. He still does enjoy some romantic comedies like Love Actually. 🙂

    1. I think Scott would tell your boyfriend that the whole point of romantic comedies is to embrace the fantasy of it. Plus, it’s important to take turns watching what the other person wants to… without the complaining. It’s such a small thing but can make a big difference.

  3. I love that the Lego movie is on the list. haha.

    I’ve never seen Love, Actually but probably should!

    1. People are gushing about Love, Actually, saying they watch it every year. I would definitely recommend you add to your list! 🙂

  4. The Holiday is one of my husband’s and my favorite romantic comedies. Only my husband wants to move into the cottage in England. Maybe we could swap with y’all one day.

    Houses, not husbands.

    (whew, that was almost a really inappropriate, creepy plan I typed there)

    1. LOL! I got your meaning 🙂 And the English cottage in adorable. Now if it was a castle…. hmmmm…

      1. I definitely wouldn’t turn down an English castle! 😉

  5. I love this experiment and will look forward to following the next week’s reviews as well. You definitely hit some great ones this week. I’m with you – I love Say Anything. Ah, the 80’s – they just don’t make em like they used to right?!

    1. Is there anything better than 80s love movies. I don’t think so, either! the best thing about this experiment is we get to pick all the good movies in general. So we know there won’t be any bombs!

  6. Oh how fun! You have watched some of our favorites!! Love John! Have you ever watched Gross Point Blank it is one of our favorite John C movies and it is a rom con! Also the movie we quote from in this house in Notting Hill…add that to the list too! I will be coming back to check to see if you liked them.

    1. I don’t think of Gross Point Blank as a rom com but of course it is! Hmmmm… may have to change our list now 🙂 And of course Notting Hill is one of the list….. one of my all time favorites!!!!!

  7. I love Pretty Woman, even though it is kind of hard to pull off.

    Are you including any oldies (1950s or 1960s)? I’ve been looking for a couple good old rom coms to watch with my husband.

    1. I don’t’ think we’re going to get into the really oldie but goodies. I know he has limits… but maybe I should put together a list of great oldie rom coms….. Start with Pillow Talk. A true classic!

  8. Really, Lego movie? Ok, I’ll give you a break since you took the kids, but truthfully, the movie put me to sleep! We watch “Love Actually” every Christmas, just can’t get enough, but I really love any movie with Hugh Grant!

    1. Yeah. The LEGO movie doesn’t count (we did have fun at it, though). But I just couldn’t watch two movies in one evening!

  9. I just watched ‘Love Actually’ for the first time a few weeks ago. Excellent movie! I loved it. ‘Pretty Woman’ has always been one of my favorites. … And based on your reviews, I think I might just watch either ‘The Holiday’ or ‘Serendipity’ tonight. Thanks very much for the suggestions! 😀

    1. You’re catching up, aren’t you 🙂 If you liked Love Actually and Pretty Woman, then you’ll undoubtedly enjoy The Holiday and Serendity. Happy watching!

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