Pond at the Farm Sensory Play

Spring is a great time to get the kids outdoors to experience nature up close, get messy, and let their imagination take hold! Rebecca of CraftCreateCalm is sharing how her kids roll of their sleeves and get messy with this fabulously nature-based farm sensory play activity.

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Pond Farm Sensory Play - A Built in Sensory Bin from Nature!

Pond at the Farm Sensory Play

 My kids are always bringing their toys outside to play in the dirt path near our home filling buckets at the kitchen sink for make shift streams and ponds.

Today we’re taking our Little People farm animals outdoors and building our own tiny pond.

How to Make a Tiny Pond at the Farm for Sensory Play

Head outdoors and find a place where your kids can excavate a small area of dirt to build a pond.

Remove the dirt to create a dip in the ground and use a bucket or a garden hose to fill the pond with water.

pondplay4 (2)

Walk around the yard and collect grass, small rocks, flowers with stems, and any other natural objects children can use for their pond.

Add the rocks and water to the pond or around the edges.

We used our flowers and plants as pretend pond growth by pushing the stems into the mud.

Their imaginations really take off when their hands and minds are busy preparing the pond for the animals.

It’s hard work building your very own pond!


The animals are at the pond cooling off on a warm day at the farm.

Kids love feeling the muddy water, slimy mud, planting their pond growth, and helping the farm animal take a dip in the pond!

What’s your child’s favorite way to play in the mud?

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