Astronauts and Moon Unit Study Resources

Use these fun educational moon unit study resources to teach kids about astronauts and the moon!

Enjoy this rounded astronaut unit study about astronauts, moon and space… right up my boys’ alley.

Be sure to check out our other educational and fun theme-based kid activities for homeschool and the classroom!

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Enjoy these astronaut books that are perfect once your kids are done playing!

Get my full list of recommended reading about astronauts.

Extra Astronauts & Moon Ideas!

First, don't miss these printable astronaut and moon ideas to do at home or for your classroom!

Moon Unit Study

Astronauts and the Moon Unit Study Resources

Use these fun and educational astronauts and moon unit study resources in the classroom or your home.

More Astronaut and Moon Fun!

Don't let the fun and learning stop here. Enjoy these additional engaging moon activities with your kiddos!

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