Christmas Wreath Craft for Kids

The other week I wrote about holiday wreaths we grown-ups could make this holiday season (read it here), but what about the kids? My boys wanted something to decorate their own rooms with. Mission accepted!

Don’t worry. I had no intention of having them wrap a Styrofoam circle with greenery and then place gold-leafed pine cones. Kid-friendly all the way!

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This craft is easy for you to put together, easy for the kids to do, great fine-motor practice (with all of the foam stickers) and a terrific creative outlet. You can get the materials you need at any home craft store. Me? I headed off to Michael’s. They always have a holiday isle filled with easy family-friendly projects.

I bought a package of adorable foam wreaths and holiday stickers for them to add. We also grabbed some gems and glitter glue to jazz them up.



I think I grabbed more foam sticker packages than I needed. But they were all so cute! The snowflakes were my personal favorites. My boys were into the reindeers . (I have a feeling I’ll find them stuck all over the house, too.)


Hbomb, my five year old, worked very hard on placing the gems just right. This was serious business! I was also quite impressed that he not only got the backing off of the stickers but also removed the pop outs in the snowflakes. Talk about amazing fine motor practice for him.

My seven year old, Vman, went all out with the holiday stickers. Whoever says boys don’t do crafts is crazy. My son is not a child who sits still for long. If I get him to engage for 10 minutes, it’s a win! But he saw these craft materials and literally tore into them before I could say anything.

Hbomb’s wreath turned out perfect for a five year old! When we finished, we all rushed upstairs and taped them to the doors. As we were taping them up, I just thought that these wreaths will be long-term keepers.

Hmmm. I’m not sure my wreath lives up to the boys’. But it’ll do. 🙂

Looking for more great Christmas ideas? Be sure to check out my collection of Christmas Crafts and Activities for the entire family.

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  1. I love this idea. But I also think it is a riot that you used the same materials that my grandmother’s retirement home did for their wreath craft session – and the results looked very similar!

  2. Such a great idea and a great Christmas tradition! I’ve been looking for some ideas for some Christmas traditions for me and my son, and this looks like one we can definitely do together!

    Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesdays! We love having you! 🙂