Candy Corn Cake Decorating

Go all in with this attractive Candy Corn Cake design!

Candy corn can be used in a variety of ways to decorate a cake!

You can add multiple flowers like we put on our candy corn cupcakes or just use candy corn as small accents in your decorating. But I love this cake that visually pops. This post contains affiliate links.

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Sweet, simple and a serious pop of color! Candy Corn Cake Decorations | Mommy Evolution

Candy Corn Cake Decoration

Look, I love complex designs as much as the next person. You what I don’t love? The time it takes.

Life is short, so make decorations that will save you time but still make a BIG pop!

This Candy Corn Cake is the perfect example of how you can make a statement with your desserts without breaking the bank or eating up your time.

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Cake Decorated with Candy Corn. Simple but POPS | Mommy Evolution

Candy Corn Cake Directions:

Step 1: Bake a sheet cake just like you normally would. I would use something unusual to add a little more bit more — like apple cinnamon cake mix.

Step 2: Generously spread frosting on the entire cake.

Then line candy corn along the cake until the entire cake is covered.

Step 3: You can make an even more attractive design on a circular cake.

Just work your way from the outside of the cake to the inside.

For an extra splash, take a couple of silk fall leaves and add them to the top for decoration.

Materials for this cake include the following:

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