Fine Motor Winter Activities for Preschoolers

Bring the cold fun inside with these fine motor Winter activities for preschoolers.

If you’re up north like us, you’re probably still in the midst of winter.

I know winter is still going in full force here in Chicagoland.

And I’m betting we aren’t done with the snow yet! (Thank goodness for snow blowers.)

We’re using the last days of Winter to have some fine motor winter-themed fun!

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Fine Motor Winter Activities for Preschoolers | Mommy Evolution

Fine Motor Winter Activities for Preschoolers

A snowman activity tray is a great way to keep toddlers occupied. So many fun combinations!

What could be more fun than a snowman factory?

Put up a sticky wall on the window so the kids can make a pretty snowscape.

Build sugar cube igloos together.

These snowflake ornaments will make a lovely addition to your tree or windows.

Recreate the snowy trees outside with this fun pom pom trees activity.

Winter Fine Motor Activities

A winter nature ice melt can provider hours of fun.

This winter tree finger painting would make a lovely handmade Christmas card!

Work in some scissor practice by making snowflake garland.

Let the kids make a batch of minty ice playdough.

This winter mittens craft is easy enough for the tots, but older kids will enjoy it, too.

Styrofoam snowballs and golf tees can make for some interesting fine motor play.

Paper snowflake “quilts” will look terrific on your wall in a simple frame.

Work on line awareness and fine motor skills with these super cute pom pom snowflakes.

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