Why Is Not Feeding Dogs from the Table So Hard?

Lucy is a member of the family.

Sure. She may have four legs, a tail and pointy ears, but she’s ours!

Oh… and she’s a dog.

When we first got Lucy, I wasn’t sure what being a dog owner was all about.

I really thought we were getting a dog for my two boys, who are now ages 8 and 6.

But how do you not just fall in love?

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Why Is Not Feeding Dogs from the Table So Hard? | Mommy Evolution
Are you in love yet?

Lucy is my constant companion.

She follows me all over the house… and it actually sitting right at my feet as I write this.

(The picture above is her in her little spot under my desk.)

When the boys get home, the first thing they do it say hi to Lucy and give her hugs.

At night, she curls up between me and the boys to read stories.

And some nights, she stays behind with my oldest to snuggle with him before he falls asleep.

Lucy isn’t just a family dog — she’s a family member.

And we treat her as such.

Properly Feeding Lucy Isn’t As Easy

When we first got Lucy, our vet told us we should only feed her dog food and not get into the habit of feeding her from the table.

I thought it would be really easy to only feed her dog food.

Why wouldn’t we?

But then you look into those adorable eyes… and suddenly you find yourself sneaking her a piece of your lunch or snack. Man, it is tempting to share real people food with our little Lucy!

But then she put on some weight, and we knew we needed to make some changes.

We upped her walks, downed her portions and stopped feeding her from our plates.

She’s currently at her ideal weight (which I cannot claim myself) and is happier than ever.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t get treats from us. We still love to shower her with love!

Why Is Not Feeding Dogs from the Table So Hard? | Mommy Evolution

One of the training techniques we use is to teach Lucy how to be patient and wait.

I placed a treat on the outside deck and told her to wait.

I just love it when she knows there’s an awesome treat waiting for her.

She actually licks her chops — I’ll bet she’s taking in the smell.

After counting to 5 or 10 in my head, I’ll say, “Good waiting, girl” and she jumps at the chance for her treat.


  1. I currently have three dogs of different sizes. Extra large, medium and tiny. Will these treats work for any size dogs?

    1. They will. On the bag, they actually have the recommended number of treats you can give your dog in a day… love that!

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