What Christmas Is… The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Ask anyone what Christmas is to them and a hundred memories of Christmases past are sure to wash over them.

We love to glamorize the holiday but with it comes stress, too!

And so, this holiday, I share all of what Christmas is to me and my family.

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Christmas is :

  • Lovingly taking out our family ornaments to hang on the tree
  • Worrying the kids are going to drop them or the dog will eat them
  • Allowing the kids to hang the crystal stars on the tree anyway

Christmas is:

  • Going sledding in the crisp winter air
  • Taking half an hour to get ready to go outside only to have one child give up after five minutes
  • Cuddling up with a hot cup of cocoa to warm frozen fingers

Christmas is:

  • Trying a new holiday craft off of Pinterest
  • Experiencing a complete Pinterest Fail!
  • Having a great story to tell friends on Facebook

Christmas is:

  • Hanging up the colored lights outside
  • Fighting with one set of lights that just won’t work
  • Having them miraculously turn on by themselves. Don’t know how. Don’t care.

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Christmas is:

  • Listening to gorgeous choirs singing Christmas carols
  • Having the boys yell that they hate this music
  • Compromising and taking turns picking the songs

Christmas is:

  • Baking up a storm of holiday cookies
  • Managing kids on a complete sugar high
  • Enjoying the creative way the kids decorated the cookies

Christmas is:

  • Watching the intricate holiday train displays
  • Trying to keep your kids from touching each and every train
  • Taking home a new special train

Christmas is:

  • Picking out presents for all of your loved ones
  • Visiting four different stores to try and find that one toy your kids absolutely wants
  • Having an extremely helpful employee call around until he finds it for you

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Christmas is:

  • Driving through the Christmas light displays
  • Listening to the little one say that it’s boring
  • Turning the lights into a scavenger hunt game

Christmas is:

  • Watching your favorite holiday movies
  • Finding out the DVD has been scratched midway through the film
  • Discovering you can stream it to your TV

Christmas is:

  • Getting together for a huge family dinner
  • Eating way too much and feeling overstuffed
  • Not caring because it’s only one day of the year!

This Christmas, I wish you all of the joy of the holiday season!

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