What Are Eco Friendly Toys?

An eco-friendly toy may sound like a difficult thing to find, but in reality it is quite simple. To find out what makes a toy eco friendly, think back 100 or 200 years.

If the toy could have been made or already existed at that time, then it is probably eco-friendly.

Here are some other ways toys can be kind to the environment.

What Makes a Toy Eco-Friendly? | Mommy Evolution

What Are Eco Friendly Toys?

Batteries not Included

If a toy requires batteries or electricity, it is far from being eco friendly.

Using up electricity just to power a play thing, is not a good use of that resource.

Batteries can contaminate water and soil easily, not to mention that they can corrode the toy itself.

The parts used in an electric toy and the manufacturing process involved, eliminate them from the ‘good’ list.

If you must have a battery-operated toy, at least use rechargeable batteries and/or recycle used batteries in the proper place.

Toy Material

Eco friendly toys use renewable, natural and reusable resources.

That means that the toys can be made out of recycled material or materials that are abundantly found like bamboo, cotton and other materials that are found in abundance.

As mentioned before, if it could not be made 200 years ago, then it is probably not good for the environment; that means no plastic, no electronic parts and non-toxic paints.

Toy Maker

Another factor that can make a toy eco friendly, starts before you even buy the toy and before the toy is actually made.

To be truly environmentally friendly, the toy manufacturer must also be ‘green.’

Factories that follow EPA guidelines, provide money for environmental research or education and those that help combat deforestation are just of a few things that can make them eco friendly.

Teaches Values

Toys that teach children about the world they live in can help instill values, teach environmental awareness and still be a lot of fun.

Ant farms, crystal growing kits, mini green houses and even microscopes are a good start to showing children all of the parts that make up our planet Earth and just how fragile it really is.

This will go on to serve them well as they grow to become responsible adults.

Buying eco friendly toys not only helps the environment, but it also teaches children how to entertain themselves without the use of electronic devices.

Eco friendly toys can easily be found at numerous stores online including Walmart and at Amazon.com.

So don’t despair if you’re not sure where to begin looking. Eco-friendly toys can be found all over the place!

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  1. Great information. I didn’t know that they really made eco friendly toys. I try to find things that have multiple purposes especially baby gear.

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