Adorable Love Bug Valentine Photo Holder Craft

I’m just in love with this adorable love bug Valentine Photo Holder craft, if I do say so myself!

I’m always looking for a fun craft I can do with the kids but that will also make a unique gift around Valentine’s Day.

But really, this would be cute any time during the Spring!

Today, I will be teaching you how to make a unique Valentine gift that your loved one will surely love and that is fun to put together. This post contains affiliate links.

Love Bug Valentine Photo Holder

Valentine Photo Holder Craft

Photos are printed memories. But how many photos do you have just sitting on your phone, doing nothing.

It’s time to break out some of those great shots and put them on display! 

Wouldn’t it be great if you can give an old school photo that can be displayed at the side table of your bed or even on the side of your office desk? 

Sounds sweet, right? 

This Valentine photo holder craft uses simple materials, but it will give you the sweetest end product, so what are you waiting for?

 Let us begin now! 

Materials needed for this tutorial:

bug photo holder photo 1-1

Step 1: Paint the walls of the yogurt cup with red acrylic paint.

Let it dry for an hour. You can double coat this if necessary.

bug photo holder photo 3

Step 2: Cut three medium-sized hearts from the red construction paper. This will be the bug’s wings.

Step 3: Cut three medium-sized oblongs from the black construction paper. 

This should be proportionate to the heart since it will serve as the head of the bug.

Step 4: Cut three medium sized pink circles. This is the abdomen of the bug.

bug photo holder photo 6

Step 5: Glue the head on the tip of the heart wings. Do these for the remaining two.

Step 6: Glue the pink circle on the rear end of the bug’s wings or at the opposite side of the head. 

bug photo holder photo 8

Step 7:  Add some details on the face of the love bug. 

You can create some cut-outs from the pink construction paper for the eyes, lips, and dimples. 

Other details that can be made on the wings can be done using a permanent marker.

Step 8: Cut six pieces of 3 centimeters long purple pipe cleaners. This is the antenna of the love bug.

bug photo holder photo 10

Step 9: Curl one end of the six pipe cleaners and glue a pair of antenna on the head of the bug from the back of the head.

Step 10: Hot glue the red paper clip on top of the antenna at the back. This should be placed in between the two antennae.

Step 11: Cut the purple pipe cleaner into 5-centimeter, 7-centimeter, and 9-centimeter, respectively. 

Glue the pipe cleaner on the gut of the bug at the back. This is the stem of the love bug photo holder.

bug photo holder photo 14

Step 12: Create three holes on the bottom part of the yogurt cup using the awl hole crafting tool.

Step 13: Insert the love bugs on the holes on the yogurt cup base.

bug photo holder photo 15

Step 14: Create a bow from the pink grosgrain ribbon and glue it in front of the base cup, right in the middle of it.

Step 15: You can now insert your photos through the clips at the back of the love bug.

bug photo holder photo 16

Step 16: Tada!  Done and ready for display!

bug photo holder photo 17

This adorable love bug tabletop photo holder is a perfect gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. 

You can insert some memorable moments together which your other half would greatly appreciate. 

They can now display this on their office table or even on their bedside to remind them how special you are to them. 

Isn’t it sweet? 

This can also be given to your parents, or other family members and even to friends. 

Have fun and spread the love!

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