Learn Your Numbers: A Twist on Chutes and Ladders Board Game

Do you have a child who is having a hard time learning how to count to 100? Or just isn’t motivated enough to do so? I offer an updated version of Chutes and Ladders to get your kid motivated enough to learn his numbers up to 100!

My 6 year old doesn’t like to apply himself. If Vman doesn’t know something immediately, he just throws up his hands and either yells or leaves.

What is a mom to do? While playing Chutes and Ladders with Vman, inspiration hit!

A fun twist on the game! ers with Chutes and Ladders

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New Rules:

Play Chutes and Ladders just as you always would. However, when your child lands on a new space, he is offered a challenge. He has to tell the number he has landed on correctly the first time. Absolutely no do-overs. (Yep. I’m one tough mom!)

If he answers the number correctly:

  • You move backwards one space.
  • If you land on a chute, you have to take it.
  • If you land on a ladder, too bad. You don’t get to profit from his success!

If he answers incorrectly:

  • You move forward one space.
  • If you land on a chute, you do not take it.
  • If you land on a ladder, climb on up!

See how that incentive thing works?

Suddenly my son was focusing on thinking and getting the numbers right rather than blurting out any old number that popped into his head.

I have a feeling we’ll be playing a lot of Chutes and Ladders in the future.

EVOLVE: Have you used any kind of incentives to get your kids to learn? Share them!

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    1. What a great idea! The fun part is they get to move you backwards if they are correct. What son doesn’t want to do that? 🙂

    2. Really an great ideal. My grandson has challenges will learning, This would of been great for him. Visiting from DWW hop, new follower,

    3. I love that they control how you move. Creative and super cool.
      Stopping by on the Friday Flash Blog
      Cool Mom
      for Stanley and Katrina

    4. This is the best game ever, I love this snake and ladder, want to play this someday when my son is old enough to play board game .

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