Top 5 Soccer Mom Essentials To Get You Through the Game

To help you become a streamlined sports mom, here are my top soccer mom essentials, although this really goes for almost any sport your kiddo plays.

When my son first started playing soccer, I had absolutely NO idea of what I should bring.

I was a complete newbie and it really showed.

My husband and I showed up with cumbersome folding chairs, no snacks and no soccer ball.

Yeah… we made a great first impression. This post contains affiliate links.

Top Soccer Mom Essentials for Any Sports Mom | Mommy Evolution

Top Soccer Mom Essentials

Get the Right Folding Chair

The first soccer game we went to, we really weren’t prepared, even though we thought we were.

We carried these clunky aluminum folding chairs.

They were tough to carry and stuck out like a sore thumb.

You’ll want something like these Coleman Broadband Quad Chairs  that fold up and fit into a small tubular carrying case.

Trust me, it will make things MUCH easier.

Carry Snacks — Not Just For the Kids

Of course your kids need snacks. They’re burning off energy.

But don’t forget to bring a snack or two for yourself.

There’s nothing like sitting through a long game and having the head spins because you didn’t manage to grab something for yourself as you left the house.

We keep a stash of granola bars on hand that we can easily add to our backpack as we leave the door.

Be Prepared to Rehydrate

Water can be great… but when my boys are out there running around in the hot sun and sweating up a storm, they need to rehydrate properly —  a sports drink with more potassium packed electrolytes, vitamins and even coconut water will do the trick.

Here are our favorite water bottles that my kids have used for YEARS.

Don’t Get Blinded

Remember your sun protection — which includes sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.

Even if you are three blocks away from the house, turn around!

You’d be surprised at how quickly your kid can get too much sun as well as yourself.

And there’s nothing worse than squinting through an entire game because your sunglasses are sitting on the valet by the door.

They’re not doing you much good there.

I’ve even seen parents bring an umbrella that attaches to their folding chair to help keep them out of the sun.

The sun protection we prefer include:

Dress For Unexpected Weather

In Chicagoland, we’re right next to Lake Michigan, which means there can be a serious breeze on the open soccer fields.

It can be a gorgeous sunny day… but once we get to the soccer fields, we realize that we are going to be hit by tundra-like winds.

We started bringing extra fleeces and gloves to wear as well as a blanket to wrap up in.

So while my son is sweating up a storm running all over the field, we’re snuggled up in the blanket staying warm and cheering him on.

TELL ME: What’s your one soccer mom essential?

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