5 Tips for Staying Connected with Your Spouse During the Holidays

The holiday season can bring so much stress and running here and there.

In-laws are visiting or you’re visiting in-laws, and everyone is trying to make sure that no one in the family feels overlooked.

But the irony here is that the holidays are supposed to be a time to reconnect with family and loved ones.

That’s why we do so much visiting and hosting; but when it gets hectic you don’t really get a chance to connect at all.

And where does that leave your relationship with your spouse or partner?

Don’t forget your hubby this holiday season! Here are five tips for staying connected with your significant other during the holidays.

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5 Tips for Staying Connected with Your Spouse During the Holidays

Make Your Own Holiday

There’s no hard and fast rule that says you have to open gifts on the 25th of December.

Why don’t you and your significant plan another time together when it’s not actually Christmas to open each other’s presents or have an intimate night of holiday merriment.

Look at your calendar and plan your night together before or after the holidays – sometimes after is often the best.

After all, that gives you something to look forward to in order to combat the post-holiday slump.

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You won’t find many parties being thrown on the day after New Year’s or the weekend before Thanksgiving!

So choose an off-date for your time together.

Keep Out-of-Town Visits Short… and Stay in a Hotel

Many couples visit in-laws or parents during the holidays, and if those family members live out of town, travel and visiting time can be real strains on your time together.

You can ease the burden and spend more time with your partner if you stay in a hotel instead of staying with family.

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Yes, it’s an added expense; but it really helps to be able to get away in the evenings and prepare to see your family the next day rather than having them right in your space 24/7.

Also, try to keep out-of-town visits short, no more than 2 or 3 days, to avoid everyone getting tense and your relationship with your spouse coming under strain.

Turn Traveling Into a Full Vacation

Our family, on the other hand, turns our holiday visit into a vacation.

My folks are located in Florida, so rather than shlepping to another cold city, we get to enjoy some warm sun and sand.

We add extra days and make sure that we get some time with just us to enjoy.

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If your family doesn’t live in a “vacation destination” area, perhaps they’re close enough where you can tag on a mini-vaca.

Why not pop over to Boston or swing down to Santa Barbara to enjoy some time together.

Build on Memories

How did you and your partner spend your first holiday season together?

Is there a possibility that you can go back to that same place for a special time, even if it’s just for a few hours?

Building on memories can be a great way for couples to re-ignite their relationship and stay in touch during the holidays.

When we were first dating, my husband and I walked through the Lincoln Park Zoo holiday lights.

After kids, we would bundle up the kiddies and bring them with.

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Even though the kids were running around, we still felt like we were on a date, remembering when we first fell in love.

Sneak in a Date

Just because you’re visiting doesn’t mean you have to spend every moment togther.

It’s okay to schedule a date! Whether you want to get out for the afternoon or a short evening date, go for it!

Get some last minute date night ideas!

Don’t Let Guilt Get to You

Some couples get the guilt trip from their families about how and with whom they choose to spend the holidays.

One of the big keys to staying connected with your significant other this time of year is to be firm with your holiday plans.

If you want to spend Christmas or New Year’s or even Thanksgiving at your own home, that’s your own choice.

Your husband and you can grow closer by developing traditions of your own.

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      1. With sensory kids, it’s even tougher to stay connected to your spouse. Some days my husband and I feel like we’re ships passing in the night. But even just a moment of smiles and “we’re in this together” helps keep us connected.

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