Teaching Empathy to Teens with Books

With my own son reaching his teenage years, I’ve been thinking about how to continue teaching empathy to teens

My regular readers know that I believe reading can open doors to discussion. You can always read these along with your young adults to talk about.

Don’t miss these other terrific books for teens!

You can find these books that help teach teens about empathy at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

Teaching Empathy to Teens with Books

Teaching Empathy to Teens with Books | Mommy Evolution #youngadult #ya

I have to confess – while these books are all about teaching empathy to teens, I’ve enjoyed reading many of these books on my own time.

So while they may be geared toward teens, these books are great for any age.

Teaching Empathy to Teens with Books

Use Books to Teach Empathy in High School

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    teaching empathy to teens with books

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