Teaching Emotions to Kids: Emotions Postcards

Children aren’t born knowing or even understanding their emotions, which is why teaching emotions to children is so important!

But where is a parent or educator to start?

I’m just in love with these Visual Emotions Postcards, which are specifically designed for kids and parents. This post contains affiliate links.

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Emotions Postcards for Kids

It may seem strange, but children aren’t born knowing what emotions are and how they feel.

Its up to us as parents and educators to help children learn how to name their emotions, which is the first step to learning how to manage their emotions as well.

Teaching Emotions to Kids

The front of the cards include a picture and word to correspond with each emotion.

Emotions Postcards for any of these sets include:

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Confused
  • Crying
  • Disappointed
  • Fear
  • Laughing

What really makes these visual emotional cue cards stand out is the back of each card is a description of the word or emotion, some other words that describe it and some tips for parents to help kids self regulate.

You can get a sample of the emotions postcards HERE.

There are 3 different sets:

At the end of the postcards there is also an 8×10 poster of all the emotions for a child to look at and point to or circle the one they are feeling like at the moment. 

This is perfect to hang in classrooms, home, or place near a desk.

Teaching Emotions: Emotions Postcards Full Set

Print at Home or School

These emotions postcards are sized 6×4. 

The cards are best printed on thick card stock and also have a thin grey line to make it easier to cut.

They can also be laminated. You can also use a hole punch and an o-ring to hold them all together.

Printing instructions are included in the PDF download.

To purchase, just click on the set you’d like:

Need additional support? Read about other ways you can help your kids understand their emotions.

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    How to Help Kids Understand Their Emotions | Mommy Evolution


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