Teach a Child about Being Philanthropic Today

charity jump for heartLearning how to be philanthropic doesn’t begin when we are adults. By instilling these values into our children, we ensure they understand their responsibility as grownups to help those around them.

My six year old, Vman, is taking on his first real endeavor to make a difference by participating in Jump Rope for Heart held for the American Heart Association. Both of my grandmothers died of heart disease as well as one of my grandfathers, so my son has a personal connection in understanding how important education and research is.

Don’t worry… I’m not asking for money! (Although, it would be nice.) I’m asking you to think about the kids in your life and how you can inspire them to get involved in a charity to help others around them.

Now, if you would like to help my son hit his fundraising efforts out of the ballpark, that would be awesome! Just click here. Or support the child next door who is trying to make a difference.

Help our children get involved now so they can understand that by helping others, they help their community and create a positive feeling for themselves.



  1. Awesome idea and lesson. Thanks for joining us in the Kid Lit Blog Hop Jenny! Followed you on Twitter and Facebook 🙂

    1. Thanks for following! Glad to join the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Great idea and I haven’t seen one before.

  2. My son does jump for rope every year for the heart foundation, and my other sons school had free dress day to raise money for different causes. The kids got to decide to what causes to donate the funds to. I love your post and the idea of encouraging children to be philanthropic or giving to a cause.

    1. Thanks. I’ve always believed that it’s important to teach them early. I’ve always been a philanthropic person myself.

  3. Dee Mauser says:

    This is a great life lesson. Children do need to learn about putting others first sometimes.

  4. Anna at Mama Writes says:

    Nice lesson! Great way to keep the kids busy and showing them to care.

    1. Thanks. I love how they are starting to incorporate the idea of helping others into their daily lives. 🙂

  5. This is an awesome idea. I loved getting my kids involved with giving back.

  6. I always encourage my children to give back. We always try and participate in school fundraisers and donating whenever anyone’s having a fundraiser. I tell my kids it’s always good to give when you can because you never know when you’ll need help!

  7. Hey Jennifer! You are so awesome! Yes, you are right. It’s time to change the world – and teaching while they are young is the time to do it!

    I think this is such a good lesson and an inspiration to me and my future projects! Thanks you for the inspiration.

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