This Poster Should Be Hanging In Every Kid’s Home!

Summer is all about being lazy, being bored and being carefree. But let’s face it… today’s kids are so glued to their video games and electronics, I”m not even sure they know it’s summer (except for the fact that the sun is setting later in the day). This post contains affiliate links.

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Are you Tired of Trying to Get Your Kids Off of Electronics?

As a mom, you really want your child to unglue their eyeballs from all of the computer, TV and electronic screens and engage with the world around them!

One summer my brother and I spent the entire summer watching two movies over and over and over again. We had just moved to upstate New York and knew absolutely no one. And, of course, there were no kids on our street that were around.

It was the days when HBO had a small set of movies they could show. And they would show the same movies over and over and over again. That summer, the two movies they played all day were Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt. Truly, it was the pinnacle of fabulously bad 80s movies.

The other movie they constantly played was Space Camp — a true cult classic that, if forced under severe duress, I could probably act out scene by scene.

It’s truly amazing my brother and I had any brain cells left once the summer was over.

Get Your Kids Interacting with the World!

Now that I’m a mom, I get not wanting your kids to just stare at a screen. It’s tough nowadays!

And then a fellow mom came up with this brilliant idea of saying her kids have to at least get some things done before they start rotting their brain. With her permission, I’ve expanded on her idea as well as turned it into a printable that you can print in color on your home computer!

To purchase a copy for your personal use, it’s just 99 cents! That’s it!

Once you purchase the printable poster, Paypal will send you to the link so you can either download it for your personal use or print directly from there!

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