Hidden Stained Glass Museum in Chicago

There’s a hidden stained glass museum in Chicago, and I bet you didn’t even know about it! It’s actually in an unlikely place (and one I never would have guessed) — Chicago’s Navy Pier!

Stained Glass Museum on Chicago's Navy Pier

Hidden Stained Glass Museum in Chicago

Tucked away on the Navy Pier in Chicago, there is a small, intimate museum that highlights Louis Comfort Tiffany’s glass work. (And yes, that’s the Tiffany you’re thinking about.)

Stained Glass 1

Founded in 2001, The Richard H. Driehaus Gallery of Stained Glass at Navy Pier invites visitors to experience the beauty of Tiffany stained glass windows in an intimate gallery setting. The Gallery features eleven examples of Tiffany’s ecclesiastical, landscape and figural windows in addition to a magnificent monumental fire screen.

Stained Glass Girl

I actually remember the “museum” when it randomly lined the hallways towards the ballroom. Today, it has a proper setting and entrance way. It’s a nice break from the touristy vibe of Navy Pier and a quiet place for reflection of this beautiful art.

Stained Glass Back View
Here you can see what the stained glass looks like from behind.

Be sure to take some time to really reflect on the craft of this stained glass next time you’re at Navy Pier.

The Richard H. Driehaus Gallery of Stained Glass at Navy Pier is open daily at 10 a.m. and there is no admission fee. You can find more information at https://navypier.com/driehaus-gallery-of-stained-glass/

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