When Your Child HATES Clothing

You HAVE to watch the latest SNL mock commercial about kids fighting holiday clothing!

Talk about uncomfortable children’s clothing…

and being uncomfortable watching this video!

(See video below this post)

Oh SNL… you make us laugh!

You make us laugh because your humor is always based in truth.

The truth is, many kids have a tough time with clothing.

And the truth is, when your child is tactile defensive, it isn’t that your kids don’t feel comfortable in the clothing… it’s hurting them!

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My kids are 13 and 11 now… so I’m more removed from the days of daily meltdowns about clothing.

But my boys still wrestle with their clothing issues.

Case in point… it was 20 degrees when we left for school today.

My 13 year old was wearing his usual silky sports shorts and oversized soft t-shirt.

Oh… and a light pull-over.

It’s 20 degrees outside!

(At least he put on shoes and not his Birkenstocks.)

He gave me his dazzling “I know but you can’t win” smile when he sat down in the front seat of the car.

I just chuckled.

It’s all I could do.

We’ve handled many parenting situations by finding the funny… even when there wasn’t any.

So I can laugh about the clothing issue – because the best comedy is based in truth.

But I can also cringe.

Those days of complete meltdowns over a sock seam were exhausting…

Mentally and emotionally.

Just thinking about it is exhausting.

I can also think about how far my son has come.

And how he has become an amazing advocate for himself.

I can laugh at how concerned I used to be about what he was wearing…

At the end of the day, what was the point of worrying?

Breaking a social norm?

Being embarrassed by what he was wearing?

Now I know better.

Now I know if we are going out for a nicer dinner, I find a soft plain t-shirt that looks good.

That’s all I want.

And that’s all he can handle.

And we move on…

But the two of us can still watch an SNL skit about children’s clothing and laugh together…

and cringe…

and laugh…

and cringe.

xo Jenny



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  1. Jeannine @ Tumble into Love says:

    OMG – this made my day! Laughing to the point of tears. YES, there is truth in jest, and I, too have learned the value of taking a deep breath and saying to myself, “well, it’s clean,” when it comes to preferred clothing. Even when it doesn’t match. Thank you for this!

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