5 Ways to Incorporate Self Care into Your Routine

Self care – it sounds so easy but really can be hard to incorporate everyday.

Day-to-day life involves responsibilities that can lead many to feel overwhelmed!

In fact, a survey from CNBC found more than half of U.S. women (53%) are experiencing burnout.

To counter the stresses of everyday life, try these tips to show yourself compassion and take time to nurture your ­well-being.

Because the better you take care of yourself, the better you can be there for your family.

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5 Ways to Incorporate Self-Care into Your Routine

5 Ways to Incorporate Self Care into Your Routine

Self-care doesn’t need to be an additional chore or burden in your life.

You can easily and joyfully include little acts of care, calm, and compassion that, over time, will make a huge difference in your life.

Self-care is vital for functioning in our crazy world, for maintaining good health, and for keeping us calm, balanced, peaceful, and focused on what’s most important in our lives.

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Try a New (or Old) Hobby

Setting aside “me time” can help you recharge and show yourself the compassion you show others while nurturing your interests.

Create a list of things you’ve been telling yourself you’ll try, whether it’s starting to paint, trying a cooking class or picking up a good book, and give yourself permission to take time to pursue your interests.

woman painting as self care

I know as a busy mom I sometimes feel guilty taking time out for myself.

When we were all stuck at home, I picked up puzzles again!

I found it to be incredibly meditative!

And I’ll never go back to not doing a couple hours of puzzles every week after the kids go to bed. (The dishes can wait.)

Mandala puzzles are my personal favorite!

woman on phone with friend as self care

Incorporate a Treat into Your Day

When days feel long, incorporating a favorite treat can give you something to look forward to.

This could be a phone call with a friend, catching up on your favorite show or indulging in a favorite goodie.

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Do you know about the benefits of chocolate besides being an awesome treat?

woman walking outside as a way to self care

Spend Time Outdoors for Easy Self Care

Whether setting aside time for an afternoon stroll or mixing up your morning commute by walking, time spent outdoors can provide benefits for your well-being.

In fact, spending time in nature has been shown to decrease feelings of loneliness and can have a positive impact on mood.

It doesn’t have to be some serious hike!

Just get outside and breath in some fresh air.

My husband loves taking the dogs for a walk – it really resets him.

woman taking time off for herself

Block Off Your Calendar

Getting caught up in day-to-day responsibilities is easy, and many feel the burden of obligations to family, work and communities.

Remember you also have an obligation to yourself and your well-being, so be intentional by setting aside time for yourself without other distractions.

Whether it’s taking time off work or making plans for a vacation or staycation, nurture yourself the way you care for those around you.

I live near Chicago – so every other month I plan a day downtown for me while the kids are at school.

My favorite spot is going to the Art Institute and checking out the latest exhibit without anyone else!

It’s pure heaven and really restores me.

woman doing yoga as daily self care

Start a Routine

Starting (or ending) your day with a self-care routine can be a relaxing practice that helps you reinforce your wellness and values.

Your routine can incorporate skin care, a gratitude practice or mindfulness techniques – anything that makes you feel grounded as a manageable addition to your day.

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