What Phone Numbers Do You Have Memorized?

Admit it. How many phone numbers do you actually have memorized?

I started carrying a mobile phone in 1998.

But it wasn’t until phones could easily transfer data between computers (thanks iPhone) that the need to memorize phone numbers started to disappear for me.

Recently, I asked on Mommy Evolution Facebook page just what phone numbers many of you had memorized.

Most people said they knew their spouse’s cell phone number and that was it!

Some even said they didn’t have their own home phone memorized. (Just another reason to ditch those landlines, folks! Read why I’m mobile only here.)

Thankfully, someone did admit that they had “911” memorized as well.

But there is one number I will always remember, even though it has been well more than a decade since I called it…. both of my grandmothers’.

As data and schedules and things I have to remember for the kids gets jammed into my brain, the one thing that remains constant is I can recite their phone numbers at the drop of a hat.

What Phone Numbers Do You Have Memorized? Me? My Grandmothers!
My and my lovely grandmothers

After my grandmothers passed away, I found myself dialing them up sometimes… even unconsciously.

I would have a split second where I forgot that they weren’t just a quick phone call away and I would reach for the phone.

These two women, who were very different, made an indelible impression with me.

There isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t think of them and something they said to me.

And even though I can’t reach out to them, there is a strange comfort in knowing their phone numbers.



  1. I know my husband and youngest daughter’s cell numbers. They’ve had the same numbers for years whereas my other two kids have changed their numbers too many times to keep up with. As for landlines, I know my parents & in-laws number by heart. To this day, I remember our first landline phone number and the number of my best childhood friend. It’s kinda wild how some numbers just stick inside my head and others vanished.

    1. Now that you mention it, I do know the landline number for my first condo and for the first place I ever owned with my husband 🙂

  2. I have my number, both of my parents cell phone numbers, a few of my old numbers, a couple of my exs, and that’s about it. I don’t know my boyfriend’s number (yet). When I did lose it, I just told him to call me from facebook!

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