Oh, Apple. If Loving You Is Wrong I Don’t Want To Be Right

Oh, Apple. Your smooth lines. Your sleek physique. Your modern and clean appearance. Who could resist you? Just thinking about you gets me excited. And if loving you is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

And now Apple is making 20-something urbanites and house moms alike swoon over its latest endeavor — the iPad mini, fourth-generation iPad and iMac update. Good grief, Apple, you are a tease that puts out!

Some say I drank the kool-aide. The truth is, I picked up the whole punch bowl and downed me a seriously long swig of what Apple was serving. May I have some more please?

Enter the iKid generation. They’ve inherited old iPhones and iPads — navigating the touch screens like they’ve been managing apps since the womb. Watching my four-year-old click through YouTube at lightning speed on our MacBook reminds me just how old I really am. This generation innately understands technology and is going to leave us in the dust.

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Go ahead and make fun of the newest iPhone 5. I’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy ads swirling around on the Net. But as anyone in advertising knows, only the underdog feels the need to attack the competition (unlike politics where everyone is on the offense).

Steve Jobs‘ vision, dedication and tenaciousness made Apple great. Although it’s inevitable that Apple will begin to fall into the traps of being a bigger business with executives, boards and drones, I hope public demand will force this company to remain flexible and innovative. All I know is, once you go to Apple, you won’t go back.

The Latest Apple Announcements:

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