I Zapped My Uterus: A NovaSure Ablation Update 1 Year Later

This post is Part III of my decision to undergo NovaSure ablation, also known as endometrial ablation.

To read why I chose to have the procedure, please visit: My NovaSure Decision and My NovaSure Experience.

No One’s Talking About It, But You’re Wondering

I know you’re out there.

I know your periods are out of control.

I know you’re wondering how on earth you can take one more month of bleeding out.

I know you’re at the end of your rope and are considering the NovaSure ablation procedure to manage your periods rather than having a hysterectomy.

woman with headache and period pain with coffee mug

How do I know?

I am constantly receiving comments from women just like you who are researching the NovaSure procedure and wondering if they should go through with it.

They keep seeing scary stories and doomsday accounts… and they wonder if those online stories are real and reflect other people’s experiences.

Their friends have often wondered why they can’t just suck it up and deal with their periods… they do after all.

The expectation is you’re a woman and you have to suffer through your periods.

But there is a significant difference between not enjoying your periods and truly suffering through them.

Today, I am sharing my personal story about why I chose to have the NovaSure procedure and my experience with the procedure.

These are all my personal observations and shouldn’t take place of any medical advice and information your doctor provides.


You’re Not Alone

From the comments I’ve been getting, women are either scared of the procedure itself or think that they have to muscle their way through the craziness of their periods.

I’m going to share some of their comments so you understand that you are not alone:

“My GYN also recommended this 2 years ago and I have been hesitant. But I am 43 and my periods have gotten so bad. I have days where I go through super plus tampons & pads every 20 minutes.”

“I was told two years ago to have it done and I’ve just put it off. I’ve heard mixed reviews and I’m still on the fence.”

“I have awful periods. I ruin underwear and furniture too! And the pain is out of control. I’m really hoping this works for me!”

woman covering eyes lying in bed

“Thank you for sharing your experience! I had this procedure scheduled, but then cancelled it because of all of the horrible experiences I read. I have been bleeding since April 9th, so I went ahead & scheduled the procedure again & am having it done Monday.”

“My doctor recommended this procedure two years ago and I kept putting it off because I didn’t want to do something I regretted. I am so happy I had it done and hopefully I never get my period again.”

“As for the procedure itself, this was the easiest “surgery” I’ve ever had!”

“You don’t realize how much your period affects your life until it, and the accompanying anxiety, are gone.”

My NovaSure Outcome: A 1-Year Update

First off, let me start by saying that if you haven’t read why I chose to have the procedure, please visit My NovaSure Decision and My NovaSure Experience.

Okay, with that said, let me give you an update.

It has been almost one year since I had the NovaSure albation procedure myself, and I haven’t had a single period since.

That’s right, not a single period.

woman standing in sunflower field

My doctor told me that about 40% of the people who have the procedure never have a period again… and lucky me I fell into that category!

For most of the other women who undergo NovaSure, they have significantly reduced periods.

Now, just because I don’t have a period doesn’t mean I don’t get some mild PMS symptoms once in a while.

The procedure takes care of your uterus but doesn’t kill your hormones, which means that your hormones are still at work.

So there will be a day or two where I notice that I’m feeling a little more emotional than normal or feel a bit bloated, and I think… oh, this must be when I would usually get my period. But that’s it.

I am so pleased that I went ahead with the procedure.

It has freed me from the constant worry that I’m going to bleed out somewhere, and I no longer feel tethered to the house.

woman celebrating with arms raised

Your NovaSure Questions Answered

Because so many of you have asked questions over the last year, I thought I would take a moment and answer the most common ones.

Please remember that this is my personal experience with the procedure.

If you have specific medical questions, be sure to ask your doctor.

How is the recovery period?

The pain is just temporary for about day and every person is different.

The nurses told me as long as I stayed ahead of the pain with the pain medication I would be okay and they were right.

I took the medicine regiment they subscribed.

I felt cruddy for the first day but after that was up and about without any pain.

I had some random waves of cramping that went away just as fast as they came on.

That didn’t last for more than several days.

Also, you will experience cramping before the procedure because of the medication they give you to dilate your cervix.

It’s completely expected.

Do you still get PMS?

I still have PMS… if you can call it that compared to what it was.

I used to be practically incapacitated.

Now I’ll notice that I’m a little bit irritable and wonder why and then it will hit me… oh, this is what it’s like after the procedure.

Did you have tubal ligation at the same time of your ablation?

I did not, which was completely a personal choice.

If you do have the procedure, you need to take whatever steps work for you to ensure that you do not get pregnant.

When were you able to resume normal activity?

By the next day, I was up and about… tired out but physically I felt fine.

Within several days everything was back to normal.

Have you experienced any side effects?

People have asked me if I’ve had any weird side effects — such as ongoing back pain or weight gain.

No, I haven’t it. And it seems strange to me that people would connect either with having this procedure.

I also haven’t experienced a change in Ph balance or developed discharge.

How the sex after the procedure?

I can’t remember how long you have to wait until after the procedure to have sex.

What I can say is that because my ovaries are intact (as well as all those great hormones) my sex drive has gone UP because I’m not dealing with all of the monthly nastiness.

My husband and I no longer have days where we can’t enjoy each other because of my periods.

What’s the biggest take-away from this procedure?

You don’t really understand just how much your life is run by your periods and how much the daily anxiety gets in the way of enjoying the day until you have the procedure.

Once those issues went away for me, I felt absolute relief.

If you skipped my earlier posts about the NovaSure procedure, you can read them now: My NovaSure Decision and My NovaSure Experience.


  1. I have had this done. You have to wait 6 weeks after the procedures to have sex. I had mine in 2014. This past year I have started to experience severe pain and periods again. At least I had a couple of years without any trouble.

      1. 6 weeks?! My doctor said 2 weeks–same as swimming and bathing. It’s just to reduce infection risk after they’ve breached your cervix. Probably double check that with your own doctor.

        1. I don’t recall having to wait 6 weeks, either… but it has been a while since I had this procedure done.

          1. I have a quick question regarding this procedure.
            Why are so many women talking about weight gain after the procedure on the internet – there are a lot of ladies complaining. Is it true.

          2. I have no idea why people are asking about this. I don’t see why this procedure would create weight gain. And I certainly didn’t experience that myself.

        2. I just had mine done Friday… Doc said two weeks w/o sex. I have to say, I am OVER THE MOON so far. I’m 46, no kids, and for well over a year I’ve had my period on more than off. Not a lot – just a lot of spotting, and it was wreaking havoc on my sex drive, as well. My poor husband has been great through it all. Of course, time will tell if I’m in the coveted 40% category… My recovery was a breeze – Motrin PM kept me knocked out and ahead of the pain for two days, so by the time I woke up on Sunday, I was right as rain. Key is probably in finding a good doctor, experienced in NovaSure. The procedure itself (in-office) was so easy I entertained myself on my phone for most of it!

          I’d DEFINITELY refer anyone with doctor’s approval to go for it.

          1. Thanks for sharing your experience! I’ll keep my fingers crossed you’re in the 40% 🙂

          2. I’m due to have mine done quite soon. I’ve been terrified. Reading the posts and comments are helping me to focus on the positive.

            Thank you.

          3. I had my procedure today and I have not experience any pain. The doctor was amazing and I feel great!!!

          4. i am having mine done this friday and I have three children and I am more nervous than childbirth.

          5. I was unbelievably nervous, too. But a day later and I knew I had made the right choice. Good luck with your procedure.

          6. I’m scheduled for this in 2 weeks. I’ll be awake for it. Petrified of the pain.

          7. I just scheduled mine for November 5th, that’s how far out the Dr is scheduling surgeries. I’ve heard horror stories so I’m very happy I came across this.

          8. Did u experience alot of bloating, my stomach looks like I’m pregnant

      2. Hi I just had my procedure yesterday morning so far light cramping no bleeding just tired, I hope this is the way it stays glad it’s done

    1. I’m going through the samething now I had the The procedure done February 2012 and it was great. I would get a period Every three months and they were very light now for the sat 3 months I’ve been getting them every month and they are becoming very very very painful going back to see the doctor

    2. This comment disappointed me so much! I had the procedure done in August 2017. So far, three months later, no periods. Nothing. Just the fact that they could come back is terrifying. I also had the tubal ligation done at the time of the procedure and recovered fairly quickly from everything. Every woman is different though right? Hoping I continue to have these awesome results!

      1. Kim Howell says:

        I had mine done July 2016, I was 47 yrs old and was told that I wouldn’t have any periods nor cramping any more. After the surgery no pain no bleeding no complications. 3 months later light periods every month and serious cramps to where I can’t leave my home. I’m very disappointed!

        1. I had my procedure November 5th I had my normal cycle a week and a half later. I had a cycle in December well both were much much lighter than usual. Unfortunately I’m not that 40%. I’ve been bleeding since January 8th and the cramping is quite unbearable. I have to keep taking ibuprofen every day several times along with an heating pad. I’m about to have an hysterectomy. I can’t take this anymore it has drastically changed my life. I’m not even 40 yet! I didn’t want to go to this extreme but I’m ready to get back to me and not let these periods control my life.

          1. I am so sorry, I had this procedure and it’s worked to a degree not perfect but 60% better. I’m in 6 months last period was the heaviest but no severe pain at least. I’m not sure where you are at with your journey but I sure hope you are way better! <3

          2. I’m sorry to hear that. For me, I am still 100% period and pain free.

  2. Sorry that was a typo. I had my procedure back in Jan of 2010.

  3. I had the procedure 8yrs.ago best thing for me!
    Like you said still get pms,but not as bad. I did have a period,but it was so minimal just a liner worked. And that lasted only the first couple of years. It came on once a month for 2 to 3 days an gone! I’ve tried to get a couple of my friends to get it done,but guess they wanted to keep up with the mess. And yes you need protection because some women have been able to get pregnant!

    1. 8 years ago! So you’ve really seen the benefits. And how wonderful to just have a light period — which I would have been perfectly happy with to be honest. Thanks for sharing.

      1. I had my procedure 5 years ago, and it went very well. I did have a slight burn to my bladder, however it felt better in three weeks. I was having very heavy periods, and ended up in the E.R 5 years ago due to massive bleeding. I had two IV drips going full speed, and 3 days later had the procedure. It took 92 seconds. I haven’t had a period since!!

  4. alisha dixon says:

    Do you smell different from the scar tissue inside you

  5. I’m 28 and I’ve been having very heavy periods now for like a year it’s getting worse every month. I’ve noticed most of the women that have this procedure done are at least in their 40’s. I have 3 children and I’m done having kids do you think I should give it a try? I’m nervous it won’t work for me since I’m so young

    1. I can’t say if age makes a difference… I certainly haven’t heard that. I would speak with your physician… there’s no reason to suffer needlessly through ridiculously heavy periods.

      1. I was told when I was 29 that my doctor would NOT do it because I was young. She said that the younger you are, the more risk of you developing the lining again when you are in your 40’s and 50’s before menopause. It is truly a 1 time thing, meaning you can only have this procedure done 1 time in your life.
        I as given Mirana IUD for mine in place of the EA. However, being 31 now, I am experiencing other things related to the IUD and my doctor refused to talk about my other options, except birth control. I switched doctors and my new doctor is thinking NovaSure.

        1. I got the Mirena IUD a year ago and I hate it! I bleed nearly everyday and I’ve gained 30 pounds! I have Aetna and they wouldn’t pay for it, but since the Mirena was a failure for me, they finally agreed to cover it. I cannot wait to get this done later this month!! I’m so over the heavy periods and cramping!

    2. I had the procedure in April 2010 haven’t bled since. My doctor recommended it becsuse otherwise I would bleed to death. Hardest decision I ever made because I have no children. It worked well for me but I would recommend if u have no children really think about other options that won’t make u unable to bear children if you want kids one day.

      1. Interesting to know about Mirena. I was told about Mirena or Nova Sure as possible solutions. Looks like the Mirena is not really an good choice… bleeding everyday?

    3. I”m 43 years old , I had my procedure done 8 months ago and for 6 months I did not have any periods, but the last two months I had it very light, with no cramps only lasted 2 days and that is a miracle for me, , I’m very happy I had the procedure done its awesome, it has giving me my life back, and my Doctor said I may stop having periods at all so I’m praying for that.

    4. I was done having children but since there is a chance of getting pregnant he scheduled me to have the Essure procedure done and 3 months later a test personnel at the hospital to look and make sure that both tubes were closed. I had the Novasure 4 weeks ago and go back for my second follow up today as well as to schedule removal of my uterus only due to my history and the problems I’ve had these last 4 weeks. In the cases of women that have gotten pregnant after just having Novasure they usually problems with ectopic pregnancies etc.

    5. The only thing I read about age is that if your not within 10 years of having menopause you could.grow your lining back and start periods again. But that at that time you could either have the surgery done again or the doctor would recommend something else to suit your needs.

    6. Danielle Bohlmann says:

      I’m 32 and have mine scheduled in two weeks. I’m nervous how long the recovery is and the discharge. They say it can up to 4 weeks.

  6. Hello there! I’m Missy, age 33, mom of 5. All 5 were very healthy pregnancies. After my youngest was born, I decided to get my tubes tied. I never had any issues with my cycle up until about 3.5, maybe 4yrs ago. Suddenly, it turned into what seemed like a nightmare every month… Or every couple months. it became so heavy and irregular. I would skip months. It got bad enough that I never knew when to expect it or how long it would last. I started getting cysts, some quite large that I was in jeopardy of surgery to remove them. Including possible removal of my left ovary. My poor fiance… Very strong man i tell ya. Dealt with my extreme mood swings and daily nasty anxiety issues. Id be laid up in bed crying in pain from cramping. I started to hate life. I went through 3 different gynecologists cause I wanted relief, but wasn’t getting any. Theyd just monitor cysts with ultrasounds and kept recommending an IUD… Which i was terrified of. Finally, I found a 4th Gyno and next thing I knew… I was going through what seemed like endless tests…blood work, ultrasounds, and biopsy of uterus. A hysteroscopey was done to look for polyps and fibroids. Once all results were in… We decided on the novasure ablation. I was so excited and looking forward to the day of procedure. I read all these great success stories. I even had friends who swore by the ablation. I had it done this past Monday 6/15/15. As soon as sedation and iv pain meds wore off… I was in complete and total misery. The pain and cramping were literally worse than full active labor. From about 2:30pm -3am or so…all I did was lay in bed in fetal position, bawling my eyes out. We contacted Gyno and he said if it was too unbearable, that I should report to ER. I seriously considered that option. But it hurt too much to even move to do that. I finally somehow was able to sleep after 4am. I woke up the next day by like 10am and felt as though a switch was flipped. Absolutely no pain. I couldn’t even believe that any procedure was even done. Tuesday was good, except towards late afternoon. I started having some mild pains. But I think that was because I was doing things I was told not to like lifting laundry baskets and such. Since tuesday evening, my anxiety levels went through the roof. I take meds for anxiety that work great. prior to novasure, there were Some days I didnt even need my meds. Now I’ve doubled up on dose and still no relief. Have a experienced a heightened anxiety level. And I mean through the roof? I’m not very optimistic now about the ablation. Hoping for insight on it. Thank you so much!

    1. I can only speak to my own personal experience. 1) It sounds like your doctor didn’t set you up very well with the proper pain medication. In any type of surgery it’s always important to stay in front of the pain. 2) I haven’t experienced any type of anxiety after the novasure and really don’t know of any reason why it would. I would contact your doctor about it.

      1. I had it done in July 2015. I also had a tubal ligation. I did not even get the prescription filled for the pain meds. I just took some Motrin. The only discomfort I had was from the general anesthesia. My throat hurt. I get some mild cramping and light spotting for a day or 2 but that’s better than those 7 day periods where I had to wear 2 super plus tampons and a pad!

          1. Stevette L Linden says:

            I am scheduled for the Novasure ablation this Friday, Jan. 25th. Of course, I am fearing the pain/discomfort. I don’t do well with pain and I don’t want to be miserable. I am concerned, nervous, and seriously considering cancelling. Wondering how you are doing now since you had the procedure done. I’m a 50 year old mom of 8 children, and the heavy periods/length periods, and spotting have been going on for 6 months. Just looking and hoping to get some positive info.

    2. Hi. I had mine done about 2 years ago. Had no bleeding but sometimes light spotting for one day. I also suffer fron anxiety attacks and still get them around that time i supposed to have my periode. I am just glad the bleeding is over. Oh before i forget i also get bad cramps sometimes,so i went to my doc and hevtold me i had fibroids and that the nova sure did not work for me? I dont understand i dont have any bleeding how could it not worked for me?. He wants to do a hysterectomy!!!. Oh no he is just wanting to make money of me. No way!!!!

      1. Fibroids are something completely different. Before having the procedure, my doctor had me do an ultrasound to make sure fibroids weren’t adding to the bleeding.

        1. Do you know what the recommendation may be if you do have fibroids? My dr thinks it is still a good option for me however I am hesitant.

          1. I was told by my doctor that he was testing for fibroids to make sure the excess bleeding wasn’t because of them. This is certainly something to talk to your doctor about. And, it’s always smart to get a second opinion if you’re not sure.

          2. Tonya
            I had Novasure today 4/27/17 that was not successful due to an undetected intra-uterine fibroid. The apparatus detected something foreign there and it would not allow the heat to seal. I still had to endure the minor side effects had it been a success. Yet I am not discouraged. I will try again in a few months and inlude removing the fibroid simultaneously. My Dr. is considering another (newer) method that the hospital was not equipped with at this time if Novasure proves to be difficult for my situation because it will bypass things like fibroids. She does not feel like I’m anywhere near needing a hysterectomy. I am 45, 2 children delivered by C-section, started my cycle @10 yrs old, & have endured heavy 7 day cycles, lately twice monthly, w/severe cramping. So I am in favor of giving it another shot.

          3. Lakesha Weathers says:

            I had the ultrasound to see how large the fibroids were but still went ahead with my novasure procedure it’ll be 2weeks thus coming tues still spotting and leaking like water I was wearing a panty liner but now I’m back to tampons the leaking is heavier than the spotting it’s just a light pink spot some days nothing my biggest concern is I’m bloated and my stomach is real tight and hard like I’m pregnant havent even thought about sex yet my tubes been tied for 10yrs got 4 kids all csection babies ill be 45 on the 21st I go for my first follow up on the 28th can’t wait to ask my Dr about this anyone else experience this hardening of the stomach o and seems like everything I eat runs right out me

      2. Felicia Best says:

        I had a tubal ligation after my last child 21 yrs ago. Yrs later start get very heavy bleeding and doc told me I had fibroids.
        I got a Novasure procedure done. It slowed dwn the bleeding a lot. I still cramped bad. I’m due to come on now like 5 days late but my cramps are like labor pain. Am I the only one having this problem. I’m 45 ur old.

  7. This review of 10 years worth of medical literature relating to Novasure may help people (it’s a bit long and technical): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3956630/
    In summary, they found a very high rate of patient satisfaction and good rates of symptom reduction and / or elimination of symptoms. I’m considering this procedure and the article answered many of my questions and reassured me. As with all surgery, there are always risks, and not every medical treatment works for everyone. Hopefully I can get this done very soon! Thanks for you articles Jenny.

    1. What a great find! Thanks for sharing with everyone. I’ve certainly been happy with my procedure.

  8. HI Jennifer,
    I am seriously considering ablation to combat my monstrous monthly issue, thank you for sharing your story. I am hopeful it will put an end to my 2 week nightmare every month. 🙂

    1. It certainly changed my life! I don’t know how I managed my period beforehand. Good luck!

  9. I had the Novasure procedure yesterday. It was done at the hospital with general anesthesia. All went well, I took the Motrin as prescribed every 6 hours. In the middle of the night I took one Rx pain pill, but today I feel great. Thank you for your article, even though 3 women in my family have had successful ablutions, it was your play by play that helped me go through with it.

    1. So pleased it well for you! And I’m glad that my own story helped you to make a decision. It really was the best thing I personally could have done!

  10. Hi, I am so happy that the procedure worked for you. I unfortunately didn’t have the same results. I had my ablation done in April, 5 months ago. I have had a full period every month since. I actually was on my period 2 weeks after the procedure was done. At first, it was lighter, but as the months have progressed, it has gotten heavier and heavier. I am so disappointed I could cry. I am on my period now, as we speak, and it is worse than before the procedure. I am a teacher and every month for two days, I literally wouldn’t be able to make it to the bathroom before I would have a bleed through. But besides those two days, the period was very light and almost non-existent the last 2 or three days. Now, I am bleeding consistently for 5-7 days, bleeding through with large clots almost daily.

    I have contacted my ob and she is scheduling an ultra-sound to see if we can see what is going on. She said that in the 15 years she has done ablations, MAYBE 2 or 3 didn’t work. Lucky me! I am so discouraged, I don’t know what to do.

    Good luck all. I know that some people feel the surgery is a blessing. I wish I was one of them.

    1. So sad to hear that :/ You’re the first person to reach out to say you’ve actually haven’t had a good outcome from the procedure. I hope your OBGYN figures it out… please come back and update us!!!

    2. I agree with you! I had it done three months ago,and my periods are still the same also. I have to wear overnight pads,and change every 5mins it’s so bad.

    3. Michele Rome says:

      HI Cindy this is an old thread but I am dealing with the same. I had an ablation three weeks ago and my period showed up on schedule with big clots. I am so discouraged. I was wondering if you had a second ablation done and if so did it work?

  11. day 6 post op…. No bleeding yet… Still holding my breath ? fingers crossed this has put an end to me planning my life around “how fast can I get to the store before I bleed through the diaper I’m wearing” & “omg let’s take my car instead ((because if i accidentally bleed all over your seat I might not ever be able to look at you again))”. ? super excited, some major cramps right afterwards — have 3 children, 1st no meds–my personal experience was the cramping was no where near labor pains–everyone tolerates pain differently… Minor clear discharge spotting (was told very normal from Uterus healing). I had a D&C followed by the NovaSure. By day 2 no pain, I’m on day 6 and resumed to walking 5miles on treadmill –no issues– of course everything you do should be discussed with you doctor. I’m completely happy so far and I don’t even really know the outcome–I’m just happ with the recovery not being a big deal so of it doesn’t work—I haven’t “suffered” for any length of time 😀 thank you for your story and updates Jenny! I love reading everyone’s personal experiences too. Blessings!

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, Christi! And so pleased to hear that your recovery is going well. I’m well past a year of having done this surgery…. couldn’t be happier!

  12. I had an ablation three weeks ago… fingers crossed that it stops my periods! In the meantime, I am still spotting every day, mostly brown, occasionally red and today…PURPLE? Anyone else had this?

  13. Thank you for your information on NovaSure. I am 41, and have 4 children. I have been to my doctor, and this may be an option for me. My sister has had this done, and it has helped her tremendously. My cycles are usually heavy, as in an ultra tampon and pad, changing every two hours for the first 2-3 days and then very light for a day and it stops completely for a day and picks up lightly. This has been going on for about 2 years. My question is did you experience any pain with your periods? My pain is unbearable at times, a dull constant ache in my abdomen, with pressure. Not like traditional cramping some women experience. Sometimes it is a shooting pain that doesn’t last long. I have had an ultrasound and my Dr.is confident that their is no infections or cancer. It seems that the pain occurs when I am ovulating. Thank you for your insight and articles on the procedure.

    1. I did used to get a dull pain when I was ovulating. And crazy cramping when I had my period… but not shooting pain. Smart you’re talking to your doctor about it!

  14. I’ve researched this NovaSure procedure quite a bit and was interested to stumble across your experience. I am actually waiting on my GYN’s nurse to call me now with an appointment date. A friend of mine had something similar (I think the heated saline procedure) and warned me about a “nasty watery discharge” for about a month or longer after the procedure. Is this something you dealt with after NovaSure?

    1. It’s not something I personally dealt with after my procedure. But I would ask the nurse about potential side effects afterward.

  15. I had the procedure six weeks ago. I’m retaining water like crazy. I see it in my thighs and my stomach isn’t as flat as it used to be. I’m acutely aware of my body as a triathlete. Does this go away? I’m very scared and worried about my choice. I barely sleep at night.

      1. I’m calling in the morning. Water retention or weight gain wasn’t a side effect for you?

        1. I had my exam and everything looks good. The doctor expects it to subside over the next few months. I’m happy I followed up. She eased my mind.

          1. Kelly, curious as to whether this has subsided for you? I am experiencing the same thing.

    1. Michele Louise Rome says:

      its very short lived as you probably found out. its inflammation. Then youll be peeing like crazy

  16. Anyone have problems with bladder leakage since novasure and dnc?

  17. Getting the novasure December 4th and I hope it works out. Just a little nervous, but so happy that I found this blog!

    Thank you!

  18. So glad I found this blog. I saw the horrible one on WebMD, and almost backed out. Most of the responses are old, and with bad grammer… thinking they might be from outside the u.s.? I was also starting to doubt my doctor, even though I have seen him for twenty years and he delivered both of my babies. But I do trust him, and I felt reassured after this. So I had the tests today. He said the biopsy is way worse than the procedure, because you are unmedicated. It was no joke, but he talked me through it, and said it lasts longer than the actual procedure. I have my appt in a few weeks, and was given several prescriptions to fill. So crowding my fingers that it goes well!

    1. My personal recommendation is be sure to follow the pain medication schedule afterward. It’s just for one day. After that, I didn’t need anything at all.

    2. Tracey Stevens says:

      Yes, the biopsy is terrible. My doctor had to talk me into it and through it, too. I almost jumped off the table when she started scraping and was definitely crying out in pain. I am planning on having the NovaSure procedure and was very relieved to hear there would be some sort of anesthesia.

  19. I had this done on Sept 16th 2015. I am currently
    On my 4 the period. Worst mistake I could have made
    And I have to pay about 2000 dollars that my
    Insurance would not cover. I’m so depressed and discouraged. My last 3 periods lasted 10 to 12 days. Seemed lighter, but way too long. Where is the blood
    Forming if the lining had been burned. So crazy

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. You’re the first person I’ve heard from in more than a year that hasn’t had a really good experience. I’m also surprised to hear that your insurance wouldn’t cover the procedure. I would contest that.

  20. I am considering having the ablation, my doctor told me I will have anesthesia. Did you have it with yours or were you awake?

    1. I definitely had anesthesia… and my understanding is that is very common. They don’t want you moving during the procedure.

    2. What did you end up doing? I’m having it done in 2 weeks and I’ll be awake.

  21. Markiena Seals says:

    I just so happened to google novasure for the umpteenth time since last year. I have been trying to find true stories nothing with fluff just real stories. I came across this blog to me which is wonderful. I have been debating this procedure since last summer doing more research on it even my friends have started calling and texting asking me when am I going to get it done. I am a 35 year old woman with endometriosis. I have been dealing with a period since I was 10, and I have tried every method there is known to man and even things I made myself. The only thing that is a life savor is a heating pad. I would not dare wear a tampoon I would be doubled over. For the past year my periods have become even worse like they could get any worse I didn’t think that was even possible, but I was wrong. I have to go to my obgyn next month and I will be scheduling my procedure. Thank you for giving a step by step blog of your procedure. The reviews that you read will make you think twice, but I always think to myself what could worse than what I am going through now. I plan vacations and dinners and special occasions around my period. I’m always happy if someone is throwing something and it’s not that time of the month because then I can go. Your blog has really made me even more ready. I mean if we can deal with cramps and the flood gates of hell for at least 7 days surely I can deal with cramps for one day. Thank you for information.

    1. Markiena… I’m so glad that my own story has helped you. I know I was frustrated when I was doing my research that I felt there was a lot of garbage out there about this procedure and no one was really explaining their own true experience. I hope the Novasure goes well for you and that your periods (if not disappear) at least become manageable.

  22. I was 27 years old when I had Novasure done, due to adenomyosis. At that point in my life I had my third child and had already had my tubes tied. When the Doctor I went spoke to me about doing the Novasure or a hysterectomy, I decide to do the Novasure since my youngest was under a year old I know I couldn’t be down for too long. I have to say it was The best decision I ever made. I had very little bleed after the Novasure was done and I have not had a period since. I too still feel the PMS but I am very happy with no periods. Before I had it done I was very weak and always tired due to the fact I had my period for months at a time.

    1. Wow! That is young to have the procedure but a smart move on your part. I’m surprised at how many women aren’t talking seriously with their doctors about this issue… like we’re supposed to silently suffer. Glad it went very well for you. I don’t miss my period a bit.

  23. Karen thomas says:

    I had the novasure procedure in January 2015. I was nervous but my periods were so lengthy and painful with increasing clotting that it was either this or hysterectomy. The doctor told me he would give me either procedure that I wished. I’m 43 years old and I’m done having children. I have to say that my procedure went very well. I checked into the hospital at about 7 AM. Had my procedure and was discharged by about 1pm. I stayed on top of my pain with pain meds for the first 24 hours. I was put under anesthesia, as I had read many horror stories of women trying to endure this while awake. I am so glad that I decided to be put under for this. On day two and day three I felt fine I was up and around with no pain to really mention. I did have slight discharge for a couple of weeks. I never had the foul odor. I think the most of my recovery was due to the anesthetic. I just felt groggy. I returned to work on day five and continued to feel a little sluggish but nothing that I couldn’t handle for the next few days. A couple of weeks later I got my first period. It was very brief. After that I return to my normal cycle schedule with much less bleeding and it got lighter each month. It was so light that I went from using about 8-9 super plus tampons in a day to where one light tampon would’ve lasted me my entire cycle. (Although I obviously change frequently for sanitary purposes). In December 2015 and January 2016 I have had no period at all. I have never regretted this procedure. I’ve been surprised that my periods have disappeared entirely. I just assumed that if I was going to be one of the lucky ones whose periods completely disappeared that it would happen right after my surgery. However, it took about a year for mine to completely disappear. I hope they stay gone but even if they return to the light ones that I’ve experienced this last year I will be completely satisfied. I still experience PMS a couple of days a month and breast tenderness, just as I always did. I will even get slight sensation of cramping on what would normally be my first day of my period. However a couple of Motrin resolve that really quickly. Before my surgery I used to have to take high doses of Motrin for 2 to 3. Sometimes I would have to use a heating pad to be able to sleep. One time I got really bad burns from that on my stomach. I am so happy that I decided to have this procedure. I know this sounds like a commercial but it’s really not. Hopefully this will prevent me from having a hysterectomy. My doctor believes this will carry me through the menopause. I am super satisfied.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. So many women are scared to have this procedure. And while it’s not right for everyone, it certainly has made a positive impact on mine and it sounds like it’s made a world of difference for you, too.

    2. I hope this is the case for me. I cried when I got my period. I thought I would never have to see another tampon or pad again!

  24. Thank you so much for your candid account of your experiences. I am having my ablation done day after tomorrow. While I am a little nervous, it has helped to read your comments and those of women who have experienced what I am experiencing. Hope I have the great results so many women have had.

  25. Had my ablation yesterday morning, I wouldn’t have gone ahead with it had I not seen your post. I stayed up one night reading horror stories and was scared out of my mind as I tried to keep in mind that many stories I read were over a decade old.

    So far, so good. I’m still a little off from being put under but I have no pain, and very little evidence that I had anything done.

    1. The Internet can be used for good and… well, you know! It’s easy to find horror stories, which is the reason I wrote my posts. I just felt like people weren’t telling the whole story. I’m glad to hear it went well.

      1. Hi Jenny,

        I had mine done a week ago (I’m 50 and my periods ave been awful),…The procedure was nothing under local anesthesia. a few cramps for 1 day.

        Well a week later, I have the usual pms as I am suppose to get my period today or tomorrow…moody hungry, bloated. All of a sudden I am having a panic attack about where the blood would go if it can’t come out.
        That is why people are gaining weight…..you are full of fluids….I had to take a zanax to calm my mind on blood building up …

  26. So glad I found your blog! I went today to talk about this with my new doctor. She mentioned doing it in office on tordal and vallium. Yikes! I think I want to be asleep. I am scheduled for the ultrasound and biopsy on 2/23.

    1. What’d you end up doing? I’m scheduled for this with toridol and ativan. I’m scared!

  27. I am having this done on Feb 16. I cannot wait!! Your description of what you went through prior to having this done is identical to what I’ve been dealing with. My mom had it done 10 yes ago. She was 49. She never had another period. She has been begging me to have the ablation for over a year. Mom knows best so I finally went and saw my Dr about it. I hope I will be one of the lucky ones who never gets one again but even if it helps to relieve the horrible pain and heaviness I deal with now, it will be worth it to me!!! Thank you for sharing your story!

  28. Yolanda Loney says:

    Thanks Jenny for so much great information. Had the procedure today and it went well. A little cramping but I agree if you follow the pain management its bearable. Some bleeding but not heavy at all and overall I’m feeling good. For all those that asked about returning to sex….2 weeks. Looking forward to what’s to come after dealing with heavy periods, excurating pain, and embarrassing moments. The most important is getting the intimacy back with my husband?

    1. Thanks for clarifying the time to wait after the procedure! I’m sure there are others wondering that, too.

      And I’m glad to hear you’re doing well. I felt such relief not having to deal with all of the embarrassing moments!!!

  29. Had the Novasure procedure done yesterday morning at my local hospital under general anesthesia. In at 8am and out by 1pm. The pain is manageable with prescribed ibuprofen. It’s not truly pain, rather sore abdominal muscles- like I’ve done 100 sit ups! have little to no discharge and no odor. I’m feeling a little restless today since I can’t do my normal workout, so I’m considering doing some slow walking on the treadmill.

  30. I had the Novasure procedure yesterday. It went well. The procedure was done at 12 pm and we were home about four hours later. For me the cramping was pretty uncomfortable while still at the hospital but the nurses in the recovery room were very attentive and quick with pain meds. I took it easy the rest of the day and by midnight my pain had subsided. I took the day off today from work and haven’t needed any of the pain medication. I will return to work tomorrow so it will be interesting to see if moving around a lot will irritate things.

    I wish I had found your blog before today! I was so nervous about going through with the procedure. I was scheduled for an ablation about eight years ago but didn’t go through with it. I was at the point now, I’m 50, that I just couldn’t take these heavy periods any longer. The heavy bleeding, the mood swings, the horrible bloating and the constant worry of bleeding through my clothing. It was taking over my life, as a lot of you have also mentioned.

    My discharge papers say no sex for six weeks. I follow up with my GYN in two weeks, so it’s possible the six weeks could be reduced.

    As far as bleeding goes, just very light bleeding so far.

    Thanks for the informative page!

  31. I am scheduled for my ultrasound and biopsy next week. I am dangerously anemic due to heavy periods. Even taking 3 iron supplements a day, every day, I do not recover to a safe range. This procedure was brought to me 3 years ago after an ER visit for a plummet in iron that caused my lungs to begin to atrophy….it’s as horrid as it sounds. Like many I googled the mess out of the procedure and opted out. I’m still worried, nervous and downright scared…but outside of bleeding to death every month in the end my heart is obtaining damage every time my iron levels drop, and my stomach cant handle infusions. Here’s hoping….

      1. Update : I finally got into the hospital and had the Novasure procedure done yesterday 6/7/16. They put me fully under and had Motrin and phenergran in an I.V and a Transderm patch. I have a bad reaction to anesthesia.. I was still sick after waking up, but that is my allergy, nothing to do with the procedure. Outside of the nausea, I had zero pain, no cramping…nothing. I wanted to ask the nurse if they actually did anything. I was unnaturally tired because of the drugs so I did sleep a good majority of the day. My stomach settled down and I removed the patch. Have a small amount of pinkish discharge, no smell and only need a liner. Slept all night, up and moving today, still a little tired but otherwise all good.

        1. Can you use a tampon for the spotting?

  32. Hi Jenny! I had the novasure endometrial ablation yesterday. After the procedure I had severe cramping and low back pain. I took motrin as directed and finally the cramps dissipated late last night. However, today im extremely gassy and bloated. Also, My abdomen feels very stiff. Have you heard of this?
    If so, when should this go away? I have my follow-up appointment in two weeks, but I’m hoping this will go away before my visit.

  33. Evelyn Rosario says:

    Thank you Jenny for your sharing your experience.
    I just got my procedure done this past Monday, March 14, 2016.
    Today is the third day and I have no pains. I do have small amount of discharged and frequent urination.
    I am hoping to be lucky as you and be menstrual free. Will keep you updated.

  34. This was recommended to my by my dr and I have been reading up on it as much as I can.. I came across horror stories of women developing scar tissue around the year mark and it closing up their uterus and causing horrible pain.. That scared my away and now as I sit here in misery on my period again, I am researching again.. I am truly confused on what to do.. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences..

  35. Im a 37yrs old, 30 days post-op. No period, sex drive up. I had a little discharge and bleeding but not much, by the end of the first week I think it was gone. My periods were bad, I bad cramping in my legs, back and stomach. PMS was crazy even my breast were sore. Now, it is a slight hiccup, that passes quickly, no emotional roller coaster like before.

    I will keep you all posted, I just wanted to share that my husband and I are both enjoying life since Novasure!! It was fast and easy, everything my Dr had described!

  36. Tomorrow is my day, iiiik 😀 Although I’m quite nervous, I’m so happy I found this blog, all beautiful women sharing their experiences have calmed me down. Keep your fingers crossed for me ♥

  37. I am scheduled June 3rd. I admit – even after reading – just like everyone else – I am a little nervous. (Ok a lot nervous). I usually tolerate pain well. I have 4 kids (1 c-section, 3 vbac’s – and the last was even natural.) But that was 11 years ago…I guess my worry it – I read about the medicine you take before – some people also have problems with that? I have been thinking about this for 2 years – another doctor wanted to jump to hysterectomy – but I found a new doctor – I wanted something less invasive if I could find it. So here we are. The last few months were terrible – found this doctor as a referral from a good friend – he is amazing and has done in 2 weeks what other’s haven’t even suggested in 2 years. So…..all in – here we go! I also pray I am in the 40% – I would love to have my life back!

    1. I’ve wondered why people have a problem with the medication you take beforehand — it dilates you and perhaps people aren’t mentally prepared for that? That’s the only thing I can think of personally. Good luck with the procedure!

  38. I had the procedure done on March 15, 2016. I had light spotting for about 2-3 days and then a light discharge for about 5 days. I had pain for the first week on and off. It was tolerable but just uncomfortable. I tried only taking ibuprofen but one day I actually had to take one of the Percocet so I could get some sleep. It’s been 2 months now and I have gotten a period each month afterwards. It lasts 4-5 days. It’s definitely lighter than before but I was hoping that I would have been one of the ones to have no period. My PMS symptoms seem like they’re a little more pronounced as well. I have more cramping than I did before the procedure. I used to wear tampons before. Is it safe to wear tampons again?? I hate pads. Thanks

    1. The tampon question is definitely one for your doctor! I wear them and don’t recall being told not to.

  39. I am 43 yrs old and I have three children and I have an appointment to get the Nova Sure procedure done on June 15th. I am completely sure that I have made the correct decision to get this done…. I have really been thru it. I thank you for your insight on this procedure!!!! I will update you once I have had it done. Fingers crossed that I fall in that 40%.:)

  40. Thanks so much for these post. I was afraid to read about this procedure on the internet, fearing it would be all horror stories. My doctor has recommended this procedure to me, but I have a few questions about long term issues. Have you had any change in bladder or bowel habits/function? I just wonder how the radio frequency doesn’t affect the surrounding organs. I have an appointment with my doctor to ask a few more questions before we schedule a date, but I’m hoping they are all answered to my satisfaction, so I can not be held hostage by my period any more.
    Thank you!

  41. Thank you so much for writing these blogs! My doctor and I are currently discussing me having this done. I found that I wanted more of a personal experience take on it. I can’t tell you how much your blogs helped me. The date is set and I feel confident that this is the best decision for me and my family. Thank you so much!

    1. You’re more than welcome! It was the whole reason I wrote about my experience… I couldn’t really find anyone talking about it. Good luck on your procedure and let everyone know how it went.

  42. I’m 41 with 3 teens and I started having problems in my late 30s. After a few years of trying different methods like mirena, and birth control pills I experienced no relief from my horrible periods. I was afraid of the ablation because of the bad reviews but I didnt want to take a month off of work for a hysterectomy either. Due to my heavy periods I have been battling anemia and got to the point where it was affecting my ability to function daily, plus hair loss. This year i suffered heart palpatations and felt faint after walking up the stairs so I was taken to the ER. My GP said I had to do something. I scheduled 3 iron infusions at $699 each (fully covered by insurance under enhanced benefits) and my iron is now a normal 12.

    I’m having surgery in 4 days, on Weds. June 8 and going back to work on Monday. I also have fibroids which I haven’t heard many women discuss with this procedure. Because of the fibroids I’m having a D&C, a myomectomy to remove two of them in my uterine lining, and then the Novasure. So I’m going under General anesthesia in the hospital. Unfortunately for me i started my period (hopefully my last one) which on the 2nd night I bled thru an Ultra tampon, and two pads. I also sleep on a vinyl sheet protector. I’ve had accidents at work bleeding thru my pants (right past big pads mind you!)…it’s just misery! I can’t even take ibuprofen for cramps because of my upcoming surgery.

    I told my doctor that if this doesn’t work I want a hysterectomy next. I hope and pray that it works as this is my last option before losing my uterus. My sister had a hysterectomy at 49 last year and she is very happy. I’m hoping my quality of life is improved after surgery!

    1. I know my doctor had me do an ultrasound before doing the Novasure procedure to make sure my heavy bleeding wasn’t specifically because of fibroids. You could have multiple reasons for your bleeding, which I’m sure you’ve talked about with your doctor (if you haven’t… definitely do!). Good luck with the procedure!

    2. Would love to know how it has worked for you since I also have a fibroid that my doctor has stated is small and should not deter me from having NovaSure.

      I have read through this blog which is great information but yours was the only one that mentioned the fibroid issue as well. I am 48 and have been on the fence regarding this for a couple of years because I wasn’t sure how the fibroid would impact the outcome. While I know everyone is different, and thus the results may vary…. The fibroid puts a new twist on the decision. A hysterectomy is my other option.

      1. I really can’t answer the fibroid issue. I just know my doctor wanted to make sure I didn’t have fibroids that were creating the crazy bleeding.

  43. I am 47 and my doctor put me on birth control pills in hopes to regulate my periods. It worked for a year. I finally made another appointment with my doctor as I have bleed everyday for the past 28 days. I never had to use the super plus tampons before and now I bleed thru those as well as a pad in a few hours. It is miserable! We are doing an ultrasound and other testing as I cannot live like this. Thank you for having this post so we can share what we are going thru. It often feels like “we are all alone” suffering thru this as I had never experienced extremely heavy. bleeding before. My doctor and I have discussed this procedure as I need to feel my “normal” again. I sympathize with all of you who are struggling as well. Thanks for sharing!

  44. Just had the novesure procedure done yesterday, june 14, 2016, and so far all is well. The dr. Said that I have 2 fibroids but were not in the lining of the uterus that you shed each month with your period. When having the procedure she found a polyp that was undetected by the ultrasound that i had previously and she thinks that it’s the reason for the heavy bleeding I was having. I was groggy the day of the surgery but feeling no pain. I took 800mg ibuprofen every 4 hours and worked it’s magic. Day 2 and so far no cramping and no bleeding and I haven’t taken any pain meds. I hope to never have another period, just hope I can be so lucky. Time will tell.:-)

  45. Had novasure 2 days ago and was wondering if anyone else has had trouble with constipation. I have not been able to go since the surgery. I guess it’s from the meds they gave me the first day. Had light spotting today but felt fine otherwise. I’ve been drinking water and have taken miralax and citricel and some magnesuim citrate and still, nothing!

  46. I had this procedure done a year ago and although my periods have stopped I have severe bloating (I look six months pregnant) and I have gained 13 pounds. I was 120 before the procedure and I keep putting on weight. My doctor blows me off every time I mentioned it and says the weight gain and bloating isn’t related to the procedure. I’m very active (I run two miles 3 to 4 times a week) and have always ate very healthy….raw foods, green juices, low-carbs, etc. I had a flat stomach which I worked so hard working out to achieve and now I look six months pregnant. There are so many cases out there like me that I don’t understand why the Novasure company isn’t looking more into this. I have a feeling one day I’ll see a commercial about Novasure being sued for chronic bloating and weight gain. Even my thighs feel heavy. I hate this procedure and would not recommend it.

    1. Misty Terry says:

      Has your bloating & weight gain subsided yet? I’m only on day 2 but I am so swollen that it hurts to move. Went in for my procedure at 188lbs get home 5 hours later to 196lbs and still going up today. I also have a horrible metal taste in my mouth.

  47. Just had my procedure today at noon and it’s now 7:30 pm very mild cramps here and there but I haven’t taken any meds since the hospital. Feeling pretty great all in all. No discharge, keeping fingers crossed 🙂

  48. Esmeralda says:

    I got my procedure done in May 27th of this year, and this is my first menstrual cycle… is it normal to get cramps and feel bloated? I am getting some blood, but I wonder if I will go thru the cramping every month… how was your menstrual cycle ofter the fist month?

  49. Collette Starbuck says:

    Over the moon for you, sounds like it worked for you. However for me it didn’t. I was part of that 3% where if changes absolutely nothing.
    My periods were all over the place due to PCOS and after 2 children, a failed attempt at Mirena coil and a sterilisation procedure it was decided that ablation was probably the best way of significantly reducing my periods when they happen.
    They can range from a few days to a few months, always heavy and always painful.
    After the ablation I didn’t get anything, then it happened, month 4 post procedure – it was like someone dyed Niagra Falls red and they were falling from my nether regions!!
    After a call to my doctor only then was I informed that because PCOS causes lining thickening I was more likely to be in that small percentage of women where it grows back – IT GROWS BACK!! Mortified and in a lot of pain I went home and cried my eyes out.
    Now my periods when they happen are at least 4 days and heavy as hell!! They are like I had nothing done. I feel like I had the procedure done for nothing.
    Next step is a full hysterectomy but at only 32 I don’t want that yet – I’ll be paint the town red (literally with the heaviness) for a good while yet.
    Good luck to you ladies xx

    1. Oh man. I’m sorry to hear that. There is always that small percentage of people that a hysterectomy turns out to be the answer. I hope you find the relief you so desperately need… we all understand how awful these periods are. They aren’t just inconvenient. They are life-interrupting.

  50. I was introduced to this procedure today when i went to go see my OBGYN about my periods, but going through all of the comments as well as your personal story, I kind of fit with the general group of people, but at the same time I have a slightly different period experience. My period is not painful, I have very mild cramping, and I don’t get very moody…just hungry…need to snack! LOL. They are not as heavy as the other experiences i see on here either…they do seem to be getting heavier every time but I would say it is medium – heavy. Going through a super tampon every 4 hours with a pad as well…maybe every 3 hours on the super heavy days. What my challenge is…my period is like the energizer bunny….it keeps going and going and going and going. When I first got my period when I was younger it lasted 9 days…something I just dealth with. Now that I have had 3 kids my latest period lasted 18 days!!!!!! that is most of the month. Plus the clots are getting bigger and bigger. This is a viable option for me, but because I am not in physical discomfort I am wondering if I should be one of the people who should just “suck it up”….it could be worse right?

    1. to add another part…it is starting to take over my life….no sex life because my period lasts well over two weeks now. I am getting fed up. It is running my life. I am regular too, every 32 days…and for 18 of them Bleeding.

  51. I had the Novasure procedure when I couldn’t handle the effects of Anemia any more. My history is PCOS diagnosis, 2 children, 2 miscarriages and a tubal. My periods were averaging 21 days on and 7 days off at the time. I was 43 then and am 53 now and Menopausal. I had one tiny little spotting period around 3 months after the procedure. It worked miraculously for me. I had no ill side effects. Wanted to share that 10 years later nothing weird has occurred as a result. Thanks for blog.

  52. I am 32 with 3 children and my cycle is like hell. It is very painful and heavy as well as long. I had my tubes tied 7 years ago after my last child was born. I have anemia to the point where every month I was in the hospital getting a transfusion and iron through IV. So right now my doctor has me on the depo shot to help “minimize” the bleeding. I have been on the shot since November and have been bleeding nonstop since then. Yeah it’s horrible I know! Now my doctor is looking at the NovaSure procedure as the best resolution. I am going to be completely honest and say that despite knowing this is the best route for me to take I am not nervous but SCARED! I completely freak out when it comes to any type of surgery and my biggest fear is being in the doctors office getting it done and still feeling everything that is going on. Any advice?

    1. Just follow your doctor’s instructions and take the pain meds he/she gives you for afterward. I felt fine within a day… it was personally the best decision for me.

  53. I am a 32 year old with one son that decided to get Novasure due to heavy periods. I was hesitant at first after reading so many negative things about it but i figured what could be worst then having 7 days of heaving bleeding every 21 days, so I talked to my doctor. He would only do the procedure if I got a tubal ligation. In January of 2016 I went in for my procedure. When I woke up from anesthesia the cramps started after a couple of hours the pain felt like labor and the nurse couldn’t give me more medication since she already discharged me I just needed to get dress. Once I was able to fill my prescription and took it the pain was controlled.I went to sleep that night and woke up the next morning like nothing had happened. I spotted for 2 days then it disappeared. On to the next month I would spot 2 days nothing major and I figured I was in the percentage of the group that got lighter periods instead of no periods,which was fine with me because 2 days of spotting was better than 7 days of heavy bleeding. April came along and I haven’t bleed or spotted at all!! I’m hoping it’s totally gone and my body was just healing. I can not enjoy my life and do normal activities without dealing with a period. Yes PMS still does exist I still crave food and get bloated on that time of the month but I just tell my co workers that have to put up with me “I’m sorry I’m on my invisible period”. Thank you Jenny Evolution for posting your experience online it was one of the positive reviews I read that made be go for it.

    1. LOL… That’s hysterical about the “invisible period.” It’s true though. So glad to hear the procedure went well for you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  54. I have read so many blogs and my biggest concern is the weight gain/water retention. You read all the others and people have gained 25 to 40 lbs after procedure. I am going for my biopsy in a week and I am know not considering the procedure due to reading the other blogs. Has any women on this blog had good success with the periods being better but a weight gain? I don’t think is will be worth it, if I gain weight and still have a 7 day period.

  55. I had this procedure this past Friday and can tell you that I tried to stay ahead of the pain with medication but just couldn’t for whatever reason. The cramping was very painful the first 5 hours and then it just seemed to go away and I was completely fine. A tiny bit of bleeding (drops here and there the first couple of days and then nearly nothing since). Hoping I am in that 40% that doesn’t get a period but only time will tell.

  56. Hi Ladies,
    I had the novasure done a week last Wednesday, I am in the UK so had a full general anesthetic for the procedure, I was up and about the day after and apart from one cramp I haven’t felt any pain at all. I was told to expect to bleed for about two weeks after, I haven’t bled as such but I do have very light pink / brown leaks, I want to say discharge but it is thinner than that.
    I have been told to go back in 3-4 months for a check up but here is my issue……I am 34 yrs old, I don’t have children nor do I want them, I am allergic to all contraception that contains hormones and nearly died when I was 16 from taking the combined pill. Up until the novasure procedure the only contraception I was able to use was to have a copper coil fitted and changed every 3-5 years, this has now had to be removed leaving me with having to use condoms as contraception.

    I haven’t had sex since the op and if I am honest I am quite scared to, I am so worried about getting pregnant for two reasons, 1 – I don’t want children and 2 – I have read and been advised that it is highly dangerous to get pregnant after a novasure.

    When I was booked in for the procedure I asked to be steralized at the same time but my Gyn said I would have to go back to my GP for another referral but this could take time and involve counselling before being approved.
    I am happy to have the counselling as I know not only is this what I want but it is also dangerous for me to be left to rely on condoms.

    Has anyone else experienced this also or can give me some advice on what to do next?

    I phoned my GP this week to get an appt with the Dr I have been seeing since I was a child and who has helped me through this process since it started 2 yrs ago but now been told he only works on Thursdays and I cant pre-book and appt with him and have to phone on the day, surprise surprise when I did manage to get through to the Docs yesterday 15 mins after they had opened all appts with him were booked up so now I have to wait until next week…..thinking about booking at appt with another doctor at the practice but I am worried they will refuse to refer me because of my age and not having children and them not knowing my medical history like he does.

    Really don’t know what to do next so any advice / help would be much appreciated.

  57. Lisa Teichroeb says:

    I had my ablation done 11 months ago at 46 years old. Bad cramping the rest of that day, but woke up the next day and felt good. Did not have any bleeding or spotting after at all! I used to have quite bad cramping during my period, but that also stopped completely for me which was a fantastic surprise since my doctor had told me that having the procedure would not change the cramping. All of the sudden 2-3 days ago I felt mild cramps like I used to get a few days before my period would start, although they only lasted about an hour or so. This morning I woke up and have some light bleeding, I really am hoing that my good luck with this procedure has not just run out.

  58. Seven weeks after Novasure and I get my period like if nothing! Ugh! I’m so upset!

    1. This is me too! I had my ablation 3 months ago and it has not changed anything about my periods. 🙁

  59. Has anyone been awake and had this done? My OB said she has many patients who opt for in office. She said I’ll get toridol and ativan before hand, and they’ll numb my cervix. 60-90 seconds of pain and some women really struggle and some dont, with the passion.

  60. I am scheduled to have my Novasure ablation in 2 weeks. Optomistic and nervous at the same time.
    I am reading horror stories as well. One of my concerns is sex afterwards. Some are complaining about bacterial infections. Some are complaining about odor. That would be a huge issue with me! .
    Anyone having issues with this?

  61. Had the procedure done today. Procedure went well. The first two to three hours after were brutal with cramping plus nausea from being under general anesthesia. Also had a headache from having no coffee all morning. Then, magically, the switch was flipped. Feel great. Praying for great results. FYI, I was given a Tylox before leaving the surgery center. Other than that, I have only had motrin and Tylenol.

  62. I had the ablation in August of 2015. As far as periods and cramps that is completely gone. I can’t complain about any of that. The only thing I noticed was some hair loss several months after the ablation. It has stopped. Fortunately I had really thick hair so it’s not bad. But if you have thin hair that is one thing you may want to consider before having it done. But it was still worth it to me!

  63. I just went to my doctor this morning to talk about getting this procedure done. I have a friend that had it done years ago and told me to do it then, Like many others, I put it off and put it off, until I was tired of my periods affecting my daily life. I was going through super tampons and pads every 2o mins also. When I would think it was lighter and run its course, I would just wear a thin pad or liner. Just to have it come back out of nowhere and ruin my clothing and furniture! I also missed my youngest walking on stage to get his diploma for graduating the 5th grade. Again, I was in the bathroom dealing with this mess. That is when I KNEW I had to do something. I would be a hostage in my home for the first 3 days, and even after that, I would have hemorrhage like clots and would have to run to the bathroom.

    I have an appointment Monday to get the ultrasound done on my uterus. To make sure it isn’t to “large” or that I don’t have fibroids. If it is clear, then I will make the appointment for the *Novasure. If I do have fibroids, the doctor said there is another procedure I would have to get done, to stop the blood flow to the fibroids and it will end my periods. (??) Kinda sounds wrong? But she didn’t get into that procedure yet. I will write back to let you know the results and the steps my doctor tells me to do before and after getting the *Novasure done!

    PS. Thanks for the great posts about your experience!

  64. I had this procedure when I was 25. I had always had horrible, heavy cycles that only worsened after having my daughter at 22. The pain from my cycles was akin to childbirth. I talked to my GYN and was actually wanting a hysterectomy, and he recommended this procedure due to my age. I am now 34, and have to say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have no clue when my cycle is, just notice the PMS moodiness, and think “oh, I must be PMSing”. I have not had a period since the procedure.

  65. Just had the NovaSure done on Friday, February 3, 2017 and so far I feel fantastic. No pain other than a slight burn when I urinated and that was just for the first couple of times that I went to the bathroom. Had some bloating and was extremely tired on Saturday. Today, I feel great but still a little tired but to be expected due to the procedure itself and they put me under – not sure I could have delt with being awake for the procedure. It took a few minures longer in my case; in addition to the NovaSure, they removed a fibroid cyst (as large as a grapefruit I’m told). At this point, 48 hours post “surgery”, it doesn’t feel like I had anything done. Here’s to hping I’m in the 40% catagory.

    1. Beth Arvai says:

      Hi Michelle, I’m the same age as you and also have one fibroid that is apparently causing me heavy bleeding. I’m going to speak to another ob/gyn on Monday, April 3 about Ablation. The first Dr. was very eager to perform a hysterectomy on me and I was not having it. Since you has this done a month ago, how do you feel now? Totally scared to death of this procedure after reading horror stories. The weird thing is, I’ve talked to at least 10 people who have had it and have sworn by it and don’t regret it.

  66. It took four cycles for the procedure to work for me. I’m so glad now that I had it done. My periods are regular, but very light. No more tampons or worries about having an accident!

  67. I had the nova sure procedure done 01/20/2017, I couldn’t wait to have it done, I bled for 6 weeks non-stop before that day with pains and aches and full PMS symptoms and my sex life was non-existing. I was very nervous because I read all the reviews about nova sure. when I arrived at the doctor’s office and after the procure I was fine but, by the time I got home the pain was unbearable. ended up in the ER with two shots of morphine to ease my pain. So my recommendation to anybody considering this procedure is making sure you get very strong pain killers because everybody reacts differently so just in case. After an awful first day, I started to feel better and better every day, the smell was awful, bloating and very gassy, a little bleeding and discharge for the first two weeks but, today I feel great NO BLEEDING, no pain, no bloating, no PMS, no mood swings, “YAY” I can say so far it was successful. Good luck to all of you reading and considering this procedure so far it was the best decision for me. I hope it works for you too. 🙂

    1. My doctor gave me a rectal type pain reducer as she finished the procedure and then I had normal pain pills. Did your dr not do that?

  68. Kay Airton says:

    I had my procedure done May 1, 2015. I had no periods until April 30, 2016 and it was for 4 hours. Nothing in comparison.
    December 2016 – I began having back pain and feeling like my period was going to start. small amount of bleeding. Okay. January more back pain, small amount. February 10, 2016 began having period symptoms again, painful back, stomach cramping, PMS symptoms and on Feb 13th had a period and had cramping and not as much bleeding as in the past but I knew it was there. I had been told years before 2015 to have this procedure. I was scared. On day of procedure it was a breeze, did everything I was suppose to. I am so glad that I had that almost 2 year span of no periods. If I could have the procedure done again, I would. I’m hoping this is just a fluke and that I go back to not having them again. If I continue having them I will look into a hysterectomy.

  69. I’m scheduled for the procedure in a week. Except I can’t have the nova sure because my uterus is too small so I’m doing the hydrothermal ablation. I tried mirena for heavy bleeding and while it worked for the heavy bleeding and horrible periods I have had constant spotting for almost a year now. I’ve read so many horror stories about ablation not working or failing or making the situation worse and the fact that there are no long term studies done on what happens years after the procedure has started to really freak me out. I’m really considering canceling. So far I’ve only read a few stories that are favorable to the procedure. Just hoping for some insight.

    1. I’m canceling mine too. The negative ones are too risky for me over the small amount of positive ones

  70. Had ablation yesterday, Fri 10th March, 2017 in Western Australia. Had a few things done at same time, had hysterscopy (camera), d&c, ablation and mirena iud inserted as well (aka the works!).

    Was quite nervous about going in general, was my 1st time in 25 years, with my onlt other time being about 25 years ago.

    Of late have had a few medicial issues arise, one of which is hypertension (high blood pressure) was concerned with going under general, was unable to have my bp medication until after the procedure, so bp was elevated at rhe time of having the procedure.

    But all went well.

    Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I did have period at the time, but gyno said it was ok procedure can still go ahead, which I was glad about, as it was 800km round trip to the hospital.

    So in at 7am, fasting from midnight before, they had a caeserean up first that put us late, I think there were 3 of us going in for girly procedures. I think I went in around 11ish, althought not too sure of actual time, just before 11 a lovely young man (the anaeseologist I presume) came in and spoke to me, put in the canula and calmed my nerves a bit, then about 11 they came and grabbed me on my bed and pushed me into the operating room, I transfered from one bed to another, was looking around, the anaeseologist said I’ll give uou some happy juice now and the next thing I knew I was in recuperating room, with a lovely nurse calling my name, I asked if there was aproblem, amd she said, no all done – couldn’t believe it, all that worry and I was fine.

    Theynwheeled me back into the initial day surgery I was in, I was allowed my BP med’s which kicked in nicely, I got dressed, was a little woozy, but able to walk, went to loo,,was nervous that it may hurt or sting, but nope all good, putma new pad on, there was a little spotting only, which was amazing considering I was on day 4 of what were flooding periods that lasted for about 8 weeks, and came every 2-3 weeks.

    I called hubby to come and pick me up – had to have a bite of a sandwich and have a walk before they would let me go. I did this quickly as I really wanted to go and see family. Had to stay in town (we had booked into a motel) no driving I don’t think I could’ve anyway. No shower for 24 hours bummed about that as I really wanted a shower but oh well.

    Due to the hp I have been eating healthy last 2 weeks amd had lost 5kg (yippee), but decided I wanted something naughty (Imhad just survived general anaesthetic and had had the works in my nether regions! So had a small take away hot,chicken roll and chips from chicken Treat – heaven we dont have that in our town. Had that, but first had about an hour or so sleep in motel, then woke up,hungry – hubby went to get the food.

    Did have minor cramping, I think as I had my period I may have been dilated or softened a bit so crampings were minimal, all I needed was a panadol or 2 and I used a hot water bottle.

    Today, day after procedure – no craps, no headache, no sore throat (from tubing for anesthethic), I was able to get dressed and wander around the shops and pick up a few things, then we drove home 4 hrs, so home now, have had a lovely shower and resting on lounge, a bit tired now, unsure if it is procedure or the drive home or mixture of the 2, but not in pain/discomfort.

    Gyno is quite confident that between the ablation and the mirena that I should have either just light spotting or no periods in future. Am hoping this is the way it will go.

    Just amazed that there is.little to no pain at this point.

  71. Beth Arvai says:

    I’m so glad I found this site… My primary Dr has recommend after trying bc to go the ablation route. I will be speaking with a different doctor this Monday, April 3. I became anemic in October of 2016 requiring a blood transfusion. I never connected the dots that my period was doing this to me!! The first ob I went to after the transfusion, suggested right away that I do a hysterectomy… WHAT?? OMG?? Scarred me to death and she also prescribed to me LoLoEstrin. This has done nothing but make my period worse. There are two days I can’t even leave the house, because I know that I will pass clots. I’ve looked online at the ablation reviews and I’ve read the horror stories that woman have submitted. Extreme pain, constant bleeding after. .I just turned 48 and was so hoping for menopause by now. I’m absolutely scarred to death over this whole situation. I’ll admit it, I’m a big baby. I’ll be looking to the site for more positive outcomes.

  72. Hi I have experienced everything you mentioned.. I have four kids and had my tubes tied but it’s lame I have to take birth control to control my bleeding…I bleed for a month! Light and spotting one day to heavy and clots next day.. super plus tampons and pads and I still leak thru.. no sex life with husband because I may think I’m in the clear and then bam it’s like he was a plunger! And it starts again!! My pills control my bleeding for several months and I don’t have a period. But like this month I have been bleeding for a month now.. doctor won’t up my pill because it’s already at the max for hormones to try to suppress it.. she said I can do ablation which I want to do but I’m terrified..I have had a biopsy before for an abnormal pap and it was horrendous pain I am so scared to go thru a biopsy again which I have to do in order to do the ablation. I am also terriifed of the being put under part. I am scared I won’t wake up. I am terrified to write letters to my kids in case that happens.. I am at a loss as to what to do.. I shouldn’t be bleeding while on the pill.

    1. Did you have the procedure? Did it go well? I am scheduled and scared to be put under, too.

  73. Tonya Moseley says:

    Hi, I am having the Nova Sure ablation next week. I’m 42, have 2 kids and for the past 6 months have had at least 2 periods a month with heavy bleeding. I feel like I need to have stock in tampon and pad companies. I can’t go anywhere without “packing” as I don’t know when I might start a period. My Dr. started me on hormones about a year ago because of pre-menopausal symptoms. That helped at first with the heavy periods but now they are quite honestly, out of control. I’ve had to start taking iron when my period starts because of the loss of blood. My husband had a vasectomy after our last child was born, and because of my age I don’t feel like an IUD is the right choice for me. This was my best option. I’m tired of feeling like my period controls my life. I am active at they gym, but find during the time I’m bleeding that I cannot participate in water sports, as I’m afraid of leaking because it is sometimes so heavy. Your posts about your experience has given me hope that this may also be my experience. Here’s hoping for a great outcome!

  74. Hi I had the nova sure ablation on Nov 4 2015. I was 40 years old. I was fully awake. My dr gave me some pain meds and ativan maybe an hour before procedure. The longest part of procedure was the set up. Procedure was only 92 seconds and I got dressed and went home immediately after. The pain stop immediately once the procedure was done. Had no bleeding afterwards. I did have the watery discharge for about 2 weeks. Had one hour of spotting that next month. There has been no bleeding since. However I have recently started having pms symptoms but still no bleeding. Best decision I made.

  75. I had this procedure done yesterday, 6/23/17. Besides cramping for about 3-4 hours after surgery I have had no other pain. No spotting. Feel amazing and am quite shocked at how I actually feel! Now the waiting game to see if I fall in the percentage that don’t get their period again.
    I read all comments over lots of websites of how people felt about the procedure and I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous about all the negative ones I read and thought about canceling it. For anyone reading out there don’t dwell on all those bad reviews, get it done and decide for yourself!!

  76. Leona Yawn says:

    I am disappointed. I had the procedure 2 months ago and had no issues with the procedure itself. It was relatively easy and no pain. However, 3 weeks later I had a light- 3 day period. 30 days went by and I felt excited that I wasn’t going to have a period and yet 3 days ago it started.. HEAVIER than ever, minus blood clots. Almost as if I never had anything done. My doctors said it can take up to 3 months to determine the outcome, but I will assume it “failed” for me.

  77. Barbara Beckham says:

    Hello my name is Barb. It’s been almost a year for me. I am 43, I also had EXTREMLY heavy periods, along with excruciating leg, back and abdominal cramps. The surgery has stoped my bleeding completely, I do experience some cramping in my back, but not nearly as much as I did before. My only concern is that it’s been 10 months, and I am experiencing and overwhelming amount of fatigue and weight gain. I walk, I jog, I swim atleast 3 days a week, and I do pretty good when it comes to my eating habits, I also drink lots of water daily, so the fatigue and weight gain is definitely an issue I will be addressing with my Gynecologist.

  78. I had my procedure done in January and it was the best choice I ever made, to keep me calm my doctor let me listen to my music and tapped me on the leg every so often to explain what was happening

  79. Rebecca Townsend says:

    Hi, I am scheduled to have the novasure this coming week and wonder how long I will need to take off work. I am having Friday and thought I would return to work the Wednesday.

    1. I had mine done on a Tuesday and went back to work the next Wednesday. I also had the tubal at the same time so there was a little extra recovery for that. I was put under general anesthesia for it also. I would suggest taking off work about a week. I think the main reason for that was my incisions for my tubal. Good luck!

  80. I’m 37 years old. I had a tubel done 3 years ago when my son was emergency csection. After my periods returned when i spotted breat feeding they were not normal. My dr said give everything some time to get back to normal. But it never has. For the past 2 1/2 years my life has been a nightmare. I will have 2-3 days of spotting followed by 6-8 days of very heavy bleeding soaking through ultra tampons anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours. Then i will have a whole day of nothing followed by a day of normal flow then brown spotting for at least a week. My total month visit last 3 weeks. It is a nightmare, depressing and has taking my life hostage. I’m at the end of my rope with this and considering anything to make this better! I see comments from women whining about still getting there period for a couple days. Hell i would be happy if i just got it back to my normal 6 1/2 day cycle that i had before my tubel. I was informed a year after by the surgeon who did my tubel that when doing it right after child birth your body will have a new normal and its usually recommended to wait to have a tubel until your body returns to its normal cycle after child birth. This would have been useful info to have before the tubel had ruined my life.
    I watched a video on this nova sure but looks scary as hell to me. But it might be something i look into now. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  81. Hello! I’ve had three childbirths and have a family history of uterine prolapse and heavy bleeding. I’m 42, done having kids, birth control is husband’s vasectomy. I haven’t been able to use tampons in over a decade, which I assumed was because I had uterine prolapse as well; turns out my prolapse is other body parts (that might be TMI to share and is off-topic anyway), and so I wear adult diapers for several days each month, refusing to leave my house unless absolutely necessary.
    Doc gave me a choice of la ow-dose IUD (but I’m hesitant to mess with my hormones at all), ablation, or hysterectomy (which my insurance probably won’t cover because I haven’t tried less invasive solutions first). I’ve also seen many negative reviews/comments regarding fatigue and weight gain, and like this blog author, believe these to be unrelated. Most of us getting this procedure are in our 30’s/40’s and post-childbirth; in reading about accounts of peri-menopausal experiences, it’s my opinion that these symptoms might be related to menopause, not ablation. All the same, I have added it to my list of questions for my Doc at my next follow up.
    The idea that I could be done with heavy bleeding before the holidays is a relief, and frankly, rather exciting. This blog account is the first I’ve read that is a personal account; thank you for writing it, Jenny. I will be recommending your links to my Doc for her review so your story can reach more women who will benefit from reading it.

  82. I had this done back in 2009 and i was happy not having to go through being embarrassed and worrying about whether or not i messed up my clothes but then a couple of months this year 2017 i started to spot and my doctor said that was normal but now every month i spot nothing heavy but i thought i was through with this period I’m glad there are more people out there that can understand exactly what im going though i feel so much better

  83. Hello, I’m in the process of scheduling my procedure and ran across some posts that talk about how it effects the ability to reach and the strength of orgasm. Has anyone else experienced a change on that front since their ablation?

  84. Samruddhi says:


    I am 30 years old, married. I am suffering from irregular menstrual cycle since beginning. I suffered from heavy bleeding. Right now I am on periods from last 8 months. I am disturbed mentally as well as physically.
    Last year one doctor suggested me to go for Endometrial ablation but them dropped it saying that this is too early for me to do it.

    I do not want to have baby in future. just wanted to get rid of this problem. I am so frustrated and depressed because of this.

    Will this procedure word for me?

    1. I am 30 also. I had the procedure three months ago and have had no bleeding or anything since. I’m seeing on here a lot of woman going through the procedure and having great results afterwards only to start spotting or bleeding again months later. You are the only one who can decide if this procedure is for you. I’m happy with my results so far and I hopei continue to have these great results!

  85. Linda Evangelista says:

    Thanks for the information and sharing your story. I’ve been researching and debating about getting the procedure done. It eased some of my anxieties I have about having procedures done.

  86. Enjoyed your information, but still scared. Have NovaSure ablation scheduled for 11/2/17. Have had a bad run in with hemoroids recently, which I am blaming on the recent 6 week heavy period. GP sent me to ER due to pain, while in ER the tell me I have a bladder infection. Have to go see surgeon who performed hemroidectomy this past February on Monday and then go to GP to get cleared for abalation. I feel like I’m having panic attacks, in so much pain from hemroids I have a feeling I’m going to have to cancel the ablation.

  87. I’m scheduled to have have NovaSure done November 15, 2017 and I’m so nervous. I keep reading these internet reviews and I’m terrified.

  88. Beth Collingwood-Leo says:

    I had the NovaSure procedure December 2016. It went well, hospital setting, light anesthesia not general. I had mild cramping and some spotting afterwards that lasted no more than a week, and then nothing for 10 months. No cramping, bleeding or pms symptoms. Then out of the blue in month 11 the bleeding returned with a vengeance. I’m at least 2 weeks into a heavy period. It’s so depressing to once again go through this aggravation when I’d believed the procedure had been a success. I had become severely anemic from all the bleeding before the NovaSure procedure, which required a blood transusion in 2015. I don’t want to go through that again and have a feeling I’m headed towards a hysterectomy.
    You’d think by age 53 I’d be Done with all this and really cannot believe its happening again!

  89. Jennie Silha says:

    Hi Jenny!!!! Thank you so very much for these posts. I have a few other questions, a little too personal to ask here….or talk about here. Would you be willing to shoot me an email? If you are too busy and just can’t, I understand, but would love to chat with you one on one! Thanks!

  90. Queenbee123 says:

    I had the procedure on October 24th, 2017. The surgery went well and recovery was a breeze. I had some light watery blood/discharge and then nothing for over a month however on December 5, 2017 I was disappointed to once again have a period. Today is day three of the first post op period and yes it is much lighter then ANY of the pre-op periods, but I was really hoping to be without for a while. Oh well ?. A reduction in flow is till way better then what I was dealing with before.


    I had this procedure done in May if 2015. I was in surgical prep longer then I was in surgery. My moodiness is almost 100% gone. I have not had any cycles after I had the procedure. I never even had to take any of the pain meds I was given to take after the surgery. I have recommended to everyone that has asked to check into having it done.

    My question is. What is the chances of ever being able to carry a baby again? I have now come across the situation of my new husband wanting a child.

  92. Thank you for posting this, Jennifer! I am scheduled to have this procedure in four days, and without your reassurance I think I may have backed out! I’m pretty scared, but, like you did, I have a serious problem that needs to be fixed. :). Thanks for helping so many of us know we’re not alone.

  93. I had mine done November 3,2017 and no period since then!!! No problems either it’s been good to me so far! BTW im a 34 year old woman whom had her tubes tied previously and I’m a bit over weight I weigh 220 lbs .

  94. What biopsy are ladies referring to? As in the one with the metal brush they do after an abnormal pap? Or is it a different tool?

  95. I had this done in August – BEST decision EVER. For anyone weighing this decision, please remember that most of the time, negative reviews/horror stories get so much more attention – the thousands of people delighted with their return to real life may forget to come back and leave that note on the web 🙂 My experience has been AWESOME and has freed me to get back to actually living.

  96. I cannot thank you enough for all of your posts! I’m heading into my procedure next month with confidence and no doubts, thanks to you. I already had a biopsy, which was not pleasant. It means so much to read that I’m not alone in what my body is doing at 42. I cannot wait! Thank you again.

    1. I’m so thrilled that my post is helping other women… after several years this is still the smartest decision I made!

      1. Donita Davis says:

        Hello, Jenny! I am so glad that I found your blog. I am to have the endometrial ablation procedure in a few days. I am a bit unsure if I have selected the best procedure for me because of the potential long term affects. I am also wondering where the bleeding goes after this procedure is completed. I tried contacting my doctor but they have been out of the office lately.

    2. How did it go? I had my novasure ablation done yesterday under GA. I am 41 years old and had been experiencing very heavy periods containing clots. A scan showed a polyp which I also had removed yesterday.
      Cramping pains were quite bad yesterday but the medical team were quick to administer meds. I did suffer from quite bad sickness but they did say that it’s a common side affect from GA and found to be more common with gynae ops.
      Light bleeding yesterday.

    3. Just wondering how you are doing?

  97. I have been in and out of the ob/gyn’s office for about 1 year.
    We have tried to have the reg birth control pill control the bleeding…well over time, it is not holding.
    Bloodwork done shows I am peri-menapausal…but still having massive bleeding and clotting.
    DR and I have talked NovaSure vs hysterectomy.
    Biopsy done in office today.
    Have to make lists of pros and cons.
    I work in healthcare and have only have panic and anxiety during my periods now.
    Dr feels I am a good candidate…. fingers crossed if I choose this way.

  98. Tammy Chaney says:

    I want to thank you for your blog on this very topic. Yesterday morning ((EARLY YESTETDAY MORNING)) I had this procedure done.

    I’m 51 yo, and like you had the worst periods of my life. You described my months/days like you were talking about me. Super plus’s tampons/pads, changing every 15-20 minutes, tethered to the house….. YES MA’AM! You were singing my song.

    Except my twangy tune lasted 3 months and I had enough. When my doctor recommended this procedure, I jumped on it. Wasn’t nervous. Didn’t read any reviews. Just the website on Novasure, and the brochures. I knew it was my answer.

    Fast forward to today. I’m finding your blog for the first time. Amazing read! You’ve got the nail on the head. And I will take your advice in staying ahead of the pain. It’s 5 AM easy coast time. I’ve slept all of about 20 hours since. Can’t wait to see how life progresses after today. I’m in good health overall. So, I should bounce back fairly quickly. I will take pain pills for rest of this day, then switch to ibuprofen as prescribed tomorrow.

    You did an amazing job with your reviews. I truly hope this helps other women. Take care and God bless you!

  99. In a week and 1/2, I am scheduled for my ablation.
    After reading your experience, I talked with others… different friends…who secretly had an ablation YEARS ago, and were pleased.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed and am keeping a positive attitude, that I will have the positive experience and results as well.

  100. I had my procedure three weeks and two days ago…. Worst part of the whole process is reading so many personal stories of how this procedure didn’t work for them or the after effects. It is great to read the positive reviews. This is why I am posting. They say if you are happy with a procedure or product you just move along and never post a review. So I am hopeful that there are thousands of women out there that are totally happy with the outcome. The whole procedure was what my doctor told me it would be. I think I was just nervous about being put to sleep. It felt like a minute and I was awake with really bad cramps. Thankfully they gave me pain meds and the cramps were gone in seconds through the IV. I felt no pain since then. I have had light watery discharge that keeps changing from light pink, to red, to brown, to light pink…. Everyday is different but it is getting less and less. Nothing a liner can’t hold. I am hoping this week will be the last week. I know everyone heals at a different rate. I was tired the first week because I think my body was working overtime to heal itself. Thanks for posting your story. It has given me a more positive outlook on what I am going through. So far I have to say this is worth it even if my cycle is cute down to 50%. Prayers for everyone….

  101. I had mine done on April 17th.. It does not seemed to worked for me at all. Nearly 6 weeks later the cramping has not stopped, nor has the bloody discharge. This last Sunday (mothers day) I got my period. Cramping was (is) awful. First day bleeding Wasnt much, I thought ok awesome maybe it worked. Nope. Each day it has gotten worse. Here I am almost a week later bleeding like a stuck pig still. When I had my post op apt it had been 3 weeks since my surgery. Though my Obgyn was concerned she said she wanted to wait till I was 6 weeks out to ne sure before we did anymore drastic steps. Unfortunately at this point it seems as though the next steps will be needed. First to see if I have endometriosis. Then go from there. I was so hoping this would for me, but seems as though I’m doomed with wicked periods no matter what. 🙁 I don’t know if the fact that I’ve had 3 c-sections and my tubes tied with the last one when I was 37 and also started menopausal symptoms when I was 34. I’m 37 now. (My mother started early too. She was completely done by 45) if any of those things affected it not working for me. I am seriously bummed it didn’t seem to work and now most likely will need the hystorectomy anyways. Not meaning to be a downer with your awesome success story, just wanted to add my experience, 5 weeks post-op at the moment.

    1. Typo correction: last c-section and my tubes tied I was 27…… Not 37 lol. Woops sorry I missed that one

  102. Amanda Ates says:

    I am scheduled for the ablation this month. The late onset ablation failures that happen around year three are terrifying. Has anyone reported where this has been successfully corrected? That is really my only concern.

  103. This NovaSure in January 2018 after the first week it flared up all my stomach problems which the doctor said it could happen. Well what he didn’t say is that somehow you start gaining weight steadily specially in your midsection to the point that you looked pregnant! No matter how hard I do cardio or me only getting one meal a day the pounds won’t come off!! Seven months later I am so bloated that I look sick now I also have high blood pressure which I have never had!! I am schedule to see an endocrinologist next week as my primary is baffled on how this safe procedure has triggered hormone imbalance. I don’t know if it has something to do with age, I’m 42, but my experience has not being good. I would have rather keep my irregular bleeding than all this problems

  104. Hi, I’m considering getting this procedure done, and wanted to know if you know when you are ovulating after having done. I use NFP and need to know that I can still tell when I am fertile, or not. Thanks!

  105. I’m 33 years old and had my procedure done on Monday oct 29, 2018. First day I was in pain but the following days I’ve just been exhausted most likely from the anaesthetic. I only had a small amount of spotting the first day and hardly any discharge. Here’s to hoping I don’t get my period again, which was supposed to start yesterday (shall see what next month brings). T minus 3 weeks 1 day until can have a bath or enjoy my husband again lol.

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