No-Prep New Years Worksheets and Activities

Looking for some easy and fun educational New Years worksheets and activities. These no-prep activities can be fun to do in the classroom, during a holiday party or downtime at home.

I’m most looking forward to doing the Growth Mindset kit with my boys over the holiday break! This post contains affiliate links.

No-Prep New Years Worksheets and Activities

New Years Worksheets and Activities

Growth Mindset New Year Kit Worksheets

Growth Mindset New Year Kit: This set of 15 printable worksheets is designed to help your child set their new year up for success! Growth mindset prompts will guide them to reflect on 2017 and plan their 2018. This kit provides unique and engaging growth mindset activities for children right before or during their holiday break.

New Years Around the World Digital Lapbook: Ever wondered how New Years is celebrated in other countries? Use this hands-on tool to explore this celebration around the world. Create booklets to place inside the lapbook folders, and improve retention of the information. Includes a Study Guide that can be used for teaching the topic. This product can stand alone or be used as a supplement to any other curriculum. Depending on the maturity level of the child and the parent/teacher involvement, this product could be used with all grade levels.

New Year's Eve Word Search Worksheet

New Year’s Eve Word Search: Give students a FUN, New Year Word Search! Contains 18 New Year’s Eve related words and answer key.

New Year's Eve NYC/NYE ball craft for kids

New Year’s Eve NYC/NYE ball: This fun paper activity is easy to make AND make a great impact! It makes numbers fun and kids can ring in the new year with their own “crystal ball”. Use crystals, sequins, or even glitter to embellish and make it sparkle. All you will need are scissors, hole-puncher, yarn (optional) and brads/paper fasteners. These types of activities involve fine motor skills when cutting, hole-punching, tying the string.

New Year's Activity Book and worksheets

New Year’s Activity Book: New Years is a great time to let the kids have some fun while learning about this interesting holiday. This workbook includes lots of educational activities and creative coloring pages for hours of enjoyment.

New Year Music Color-by-Note Coloring Pages

New Year Music Color-by-Note: This is a color-by-note page for music teachers and subs, to help us ease into January after the Winter Break for 2018! There are 3 designs in several different formats including matching notes to their names (US and British terminology), treble, bass, alto clef notes, and dynamics.

New Years Word Search Worksheet

New Years Word Search: New Years Word Search: This also doubles as a coloring sheet!. The solution to the puzzle is included.

New Year's Resolutions Mini-Lapbook

New Year’s Resolutions Mini-Lapbook: Have you ever made New Year’s Resolutions?  Resolutions are things that we decide, or resolve, that we are going to do.  Many people feel that the beginning of a new year is a good time to set some new goals and improve upon the last year. Students may resolve to get better grades or to try something new. Think about some resolutions you would like to make for the upcoming year, and keep track of them in this Lapbook. At the end of the year, you may look back and see how you’ve done!

New Year's Eve crafts Times Square NYE ball drop countdown

New Year’s Eve Crafts – Times Square NYE Ball Drop Countdown: Countdown to the New Year with this fun to make – and fun to celebrate – craft. Kids can make their own New Year’s Eve ball and have fun with their own drop just like the New York Times Square ball drop! Use crystals, sequins, or even glitter to embellish and make it sparkle. All you will need are scissors, glue, rubber band, and dowel/chopstick.

Punny Cards for the New Year

Punny Cards for the New Year: New Year’s Cards for Students and Coworkers! Punny Cards for The New Year are perfect to give students after returning from the Holiday break! They are a great pick me up as everyone is headed back to school after having time off. A perfect way to wish a happy new year to your students and team members! Just print out the cards nd attach them to the related item to the card! You can also use the cards by themselves as well.

New Years Songs & Quotes Copywork Notebook

New Years Songs & Quotes Copywork Notebook: Analyze the beauty of the words to the most notable New Years song, “Auld Lang Syne,” copy famous quotes and more. Includes wider lines with dashes for younger writers.

New Year's Resolutions Writing Craftivity

New Year’s Resolutions Writing Craftivity: Help your kids and students understand the importance of goal setting with this fun and engaging New Year’s Rsolutions Writing Craftivity. Teach your students about New Year’s Resolutions and then help them set their own goals for the new year. This packet includes everything you need to help your writers brainstorm and plan, write and then display their final writing with an eye-catching display craft.

New Year Coloring Pages Printable

New Year Coloring Pages: A set of 6 different New Year coloring pages featuring a 2018 coloring page, a firework coloring page, a Happy New Year coloring page, a lucky pig coloring page, a New Year mandala coloring page and a Year of the Dog coloring page.

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