Explore Natural Stone Bridge and Caves in Adirondack National Park

We received passes from the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves located in the Adirondack National Park to visit this amazing natural attraction.

And what a beautiful destination it is! It also turned out to be wonderful, educational, outdoor fun for everyone.

Whoa. Whoa was the word of the day from my boys.

Everywhere we turned, one of them was uttering, “Whoa!”

Visit Stone Bridge and Caves in Adirondack National Park | Mommy Evolution

The first thing I noticed was the soothing rush of the river than runs through this property.

I could instantly feel my blood pressure drop. Ahhhh.

The Stone Bridge and Caves is built around a rushing river that was once used as power for a saw mill.

Now the public gets to see the largest marble cave entrance in the East as well as some of the oldest rock in North American.

How cool is that?

There are lots of wooden walkways that guide you through from sight to sight, making you feel like you’re an explorer.

And when you arrive, you get a one-page guide that lets you know exactly what you’re seeing and gives you interesting facts about what you’re seeing.

We worked our way from the mouth of the biggest cave to smaller ones that we walked into…. ones even with rushing underground water.

There are cave exploration tours you can take… but of course my boys are too young for that. Well, for now.

But I have a feeling once they’re big enough, they’ll be clamoring to get to go underground and explore with a guide.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if your kids are old enough for the trail, we saw lots of toddlers navigating their way (with their parents’ help, of course).

Additional Activities at Natural Stone Bridge and Caves

There are lots of additional activities at the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves for kids as well, including:

  • Gemstone Mining
  • Searching a Gold Rush or Crystal Mine
  • Rock Climbing/Bouldering Wall
  • Dino Dig
  • Disc Golf
  • Adirondack Memories Museum
  • Butterfly
  • Rock Shop

Gemstone Mining at Natural Bridge and Caves in the Adirondacks

My boys decided to try the Crystal Mine.

Here they enter a “mine” and search for actual crystals that the staff has buried in and placed on the sand.

The boys collected as many crystals as they could and got to keep 8 of the rocks… including a small geode which the staff member popped open for us so we could discover the crystal inside!

Again…. whoa!

The crystals are proudly displayed in their rooms.

But I have a feeling once school begins, a few of those crystals will make it into their backpacks to show to friends.

Backyard Bliss

We were fortunate enough to meet the owner, who asked my boys, “How do you like my backyard?”

Yes, the owner lives right next door!

Their minds were completely blown that this awesome place could be considered someone’s backyard.

And as we drove away, they both agreed that there wouldn’t be anything finer in the world than to have this destination as part of their home.


  1. We went there two years ago with 5 children ages 13 down to 2 years old (and I was newly pregnant)! It is so beautiful. We didn’t do anything except following the trail. Everyone enjoyed it. Of course, we couldn’t pass up the museum store – it has some cool stuff. Great family outing.

    1. Even just following the trail is a great outing and quite beautiful! The gem mining was an awesome bonus. My boys went absolutely nuts over it… from getting to have a geode opened to now having these beautiful crystals to keep.

      And yes… the museum store is wonderful. SO much good stuff 🙂

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