Must Have Craft Supplies Every Home Should Have

After years of doing crafts with my boys, I can honestly say these are the must have craft supplies I think every mom should have in their arsenal.

So when your kids are ready to do a craft, there’s no setting up. You’re just ready to go.

I really wish someone had told me exactly what I should fill up our craft room with when I had kids.

Instead, I had to figure it out with trial and error.

And trust me, with two boys, trying to figure out exactly what kids love having was definitely trial and error.

It doesn’t mean you won’t need other items.

And yes, some of these items seem pretty obvious, but you may have overlooked them, too.

Trust me when I say you should get that mega pack of glue sticks as well as the laminator (which I waited way too long to get — but was so happy when it finally arrived).

This post contains affiliate links, but we have tested ALL of these products and every single recommendation is mine. These are my faves of the every day craft supplies you’ll probably use for years to come.

Must Have Craft Supplies Every Home Should Have - As Recommended by a Crafting Mom | Mommy Evolution

Must Have Craft Supplies Every Home Should Have


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