Mommy Needs a New Lawnmower

Some green grass from early spring
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Moving to suburbia from the city brings many shocks to the system, but managing a yard is probably the biggest. You mean I have to cut my own grass? Now ladies, you may think this is a man’s job, but let’s be honest. We often end up mowing the lawn ourselves, so we may as well have a mower that fits our needs.

When buying a lawn mower, I had absolutely no idea where to begin when buying a lawn mower. To make the decision process easier for here, here’s a starter kit in deciding what type of lawn mower you might need for your household.

Basics to consider when buying a new lawn mower:

Self-Propelled vs. Push Mowers:

Push mowers cost less and use less gas; however, they also require more energy… from you! If you have a smaller yard, push mowers will be fine. You’ll use more sweat but save money. However, if you have a yard larger than .25 acre, think about getting a self-propeled lawn mower. My neighbor, who has a .5 acre lawn, had a push mower and absolutely hated mowing the lawn because it was so exhausting. Our lawn is slightly larger than .5 acre, and I’m thrilled we bought a self-propeled machine. It’s still work but nothing compared to what a push mower would have been.

If your lawn is an acre or more, I would recommend skipping any residential mower you have to walk behind. You’ll need a ride-mower unless you’re a glutton for punishment.

Electric vs. Gas Mowers:

Electric mowers can be an excellent option for the right lawn. First, electric mowers are much more eco-friendly. They don’t use fuel so there are no emissions. They’re also light-weight and quieter than gas mowers. There are electric and cordless battery options, too. When we lived in the city, our condominium building had a small lawn. The association used a cordless lawn mower which was less expensive to run and did the job perfectly. If you have a small, flat lawn, consider buying an electric mower. Even if you’re not a big environmentalist, think of the money you’ll save.

Front-Propelled vs. Rear-Propelled Wheel Mowers:

If a self-propelled mower is the right choice for you, you’ll need to consider a front-propelled or rear-propelled mower. You can control the general moving speed, as well as around obstacles, with a self-propelled mower. Rear wheel mowers give you better traction, which is important if you have an uneven or hilly yard. The landscape of your lawn really will determine what kind of propulsion you need.

Mulch vs. Bag Options:

For a long time, our lawn guy would bag the clippings from the lawn. It kept the lawn extremely neat but was expensive to dump. Then we switched to someone who recommended we mulch the clippings. The grass mulch adds nutrients to your lawn to keep it healthy. Our lawn has never looked better! While it certainly comes down to your preference, mulching was an inexpensive way to keep our lawn looking fresh and green while saving on the pain of bagging the clippings.

Now we’re taking on the task of mowing our lawn ourselves. I chose a front-wheel self-profelled, mulching, gas-powered mower and am very happy with my choice.


  1. Just 3 weeks ago we needed to purchase a mower. (Since I’m the one that does most of the mowing I chose a self-propelled. I’ll do push-up’s later ;-> )

    Happy to have found you through the FB Frenzy hop!

  2. bamauthor says:

    Had a self-propelled but just installed a new stone walkway and now have mostly garden with just a small front yard. We chose a light weight push mower that is easy to push but still has four heights for cutting. We are happy with the choice.

  3. We live on over 7 acres, mostly wooded. But the area where we mow is probably somewhere between 1.5 and 2 acres (I’ve never bothered to figure it out). When we were mower shopping, it was a no-brainer that it would be a ride on, but trying to find the widest cut proved to be a challenge. I’d love a mower with a 54″ cut, but we ended up with a 46″ cut. I actually enjoy riding around and around, smelling the grass as it’s cut, and having the immediate gratification of see the cut grass. (We mulch too). For me, it’s often quite meditative. And will be even more so when I get some dirt to fill in some low spots that seem to have developed over the past few year. I don’t know if it’s moles tunneling, or an old tree stump underground, rotting, or both.

    Congrats on your mower! Enjoy.

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