Kids Valentine Word Search

Enjoy a sweet moment with your kiddo with this Kids Valentine Word Search!

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Kids Valentine Word Search

What is it about word searches that kids love? Is it the challenge?

Is it the puzzle aspect?

Is it just something out of the ordinary?

I know my kids love the feeling of accomplishment when they complete a word search.

My son, who has Dyslexia, struggles with word recognition, but he’s always more than happy to work and concentrate on a word search.

I love word searches because they help reinforce my children’s vocabulary, word recognition and finding patterns in words.

Plus, if they don’t know the word, it helps them recognize the spelling of the word as well.

Download Printable Valentine’s Day Word Search

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m always on the look out for fun and quick activities we can do — whether we just need to switch gears on the weekend for 10 minutes or we’re waiting at the doctor’s office.

And goodness know we spend enough time in the doctor’s office — gotta keep those kids occupied!

But don’t stop with just the word search! In addition to doing the word search, talk to your child about each word and what the words mean to them.

Ask them if they know how to spell the word without looking at it.

And if your child is younger, read the words together.

The words included in this Kids Valentine Word Search are:

  • Heart
  • Sweet
  • Kiss
  • Valentine
  • Hug
  • Love
  • Be Mine
  • Gift
  • Candy
  • Flowers
Valentine's Day Word Search FREE Printable


Do you have a favorite Valentine activity you like to do at school with the kids or at home?

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