Development & Infant Learning Toys for Ages 6-9 Months

With ages 6-9 months it’s time to get out the infant learning toys! Age appropriate toys are a must!

During the stage between six and nine months old, your baby will begin to take development to the next level of wonderment and discovery.

They will be more interactive with the world that surrounds them and will respond accordingly.

With ages 6-9 months it's time to get out the infant learning toys! Age appropriate toys are a must!
During the stage between six and nine months old, your baby will begin to take development to the next level of wonderment and discovery.

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What Are Baby Toys?

Baby toys are specially designed playthings created to engage and stimulate infants and toddlers during their early developmental stages.

These toys are crafted with age-appropriate materials, textures, colors and features that cater to a baby’s sensory and motor skills, fostering physical, cognitive and emotional development.

Baby toys play a vital role in a child’s growth and well-being by providing entertainment, education, and sensory experiences crucial for early learning.

Developmental Stages for Ages 6-9 Months

During these months your baby will enjoy more interactive play with you in the development of creativity and imagination with infant learning toys.

Interactive Play and Muscle Control at 6 Months

The fun is just beginning as both fine and gross motor skills continue to develop.

Your baby starts to understand the concept of cause and reaction better, and gets lots of laughs from playing interactive games, such as “peek-a-boo”.

This is the age that begins the love of toys with lots of action (movement).

Large pieces, such as toys that include a ball that is dropped at the top and spins through the entire pathway before exiting the bottom, bring hours of fun to your 6 month old.

Kidoozie Ball DropKidoozie Ball DropDurable Pound A Ball ToysDurable Pound A Ball ToysDailyfunn Montessori ToysDailyfunn Montessori ToysPlayskool Elefun Busy Ball PopperPlayskool Elefun Busy Ball Popper


Your baby will love toys with vibrant colors, and will even begin to increase his or her sensory skills of expressing him or herself through role playing toys.

Toys that Encourage Gross Motor Skills and Communication at 7 Months

At 7 months of age, language starts to begin for your baby.

You will notice your baby cooing and starting to form words and associate word sounds to objects.

This is a great time to introduce shapes and colors for cognitive development.

As muscles get stronger, your 7 month old will enjoy toys that are made for supportive walking or toys that can be dragged when crawling.

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Curiosity is also big at this stage of development, so toys with buttons that make lots of sounds or play music when pressed encourage the action/reaction development.

Movement and Communication Takes on a New Level at 8 Months

Although your baby may have already begun to scoot and crawl as early as six months, during the eighth month this skills becomes fine-tuned to crawling and scooting in a variety of different directions.

This gross motor skill can still be encouraged by assisted walking toys that your baby can push around the home.

You will also notice your baby start to associate words with objects.

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This is the time to use toys with letter sounds and an association of the sound to an object.

Fine motor skills are developed to the point that your baby can pick up small items, so ensure his or her surroundings are safe.

Gross Motor Skills and Toys to Encourage Strength and Development at 9 Months

This is the month where your baby may begin to take his or her first steps by holding on to the side of the couch or maybe even taking a few steps on his or her own, increasing the range of discovery.

As your baby’s fine and gross motor skills continue to develop, simple toys, such as a ball being rolled back and forth from you to your baby can be very entertaining.

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Your baby will still enjoy building blocks and objects, with an addition of having more fun knocking it down and rebuilding it again.

You will also want to continue the letter and sound recognition toys for language development.

What Are the Best Infant Learning Toys for Ages 6-9 Months

During the 6-9 month age range, infants are rapidly developing their motor and sensory skills. The best infant toys for this age group encourage exploration, tactile experiences and further development of their visual and auditory senses. Here are some excellent options:

Soft Blocks: Soft, squeezable blocks with various textures and bright colors are great for little hands to grasp, stack and explore.

Teething Toys: As teeth begin to emerge, teething toys made of safe, non-toxic materials can provide relief and sensory stimulation.

Activity Gym: These play mats with hanging toys encourage babies to reach, kick, and explore while lying on their backs.

Textured Multi Ball Set for BabiesTextured Multi Ball Set for BabiesHABA Rainbow Fabric BallHABA Rainbow Fabric BallInfantino Sensory Balls, Blocks & BuddiesInfantino Sensory Balls, Blocks & BuddiesInfantino Textured Multi Ball SetInfantino Textured Multi Ball Set


Soft Books: Cloth books with bold, high-contrast images and crinkly pages engage a baby’s developing vision and hearing.

Rattles: Easy-to-grasp rattles with gentle sounds provide auditory stimulation and promote hand-eye coordination.

Nesting Cups: Colorful nesting cups can be stacked, nested, and used for pouring water during bath time, promoting motor skills and spatial awareness.

Mirrors: Baby-safe mirrors encourage self-recognition and visual exploration.

Press & Go Musical ToyPress & Go Musical ToyDevelopmental Toy with Buttons & ColorsDevelopmental Toy with Buttons & ColorsMusical Dancing Duck ToyMusical Dancing Duck ToyMusical Turtle Crawling Baby ToyMusical Turtle Crawling Baby Toy


Cause-and-Effect Toys: Cause and effect toys that respond to a baby’s actions, such as push-and-go cars or toys that light up and play music when pressed, are fascinating at this age.

Soft Plush Toys: Soft, huggable stuffed animals or plush toys provide comfort and companionship.

Music Toys: Musical toys or simple instruments like shakers introduce babies to different sounds and rhythms.

best infant learning toys 6-9 months

Remember to choose toys that are age-appropriate, free from small parts that could pose choking hazards, and made of non-toxic materials.

Always supervise playtime with infants to ensure their safety.

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