Importance of STEM Education

As technology evolves and changes, STEM learning is increasingly becoming a foundation for future life skills – making the importance of STEM education even more critical.

One of the most important parts of the education process is preparing students to take on the “real world.”

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The Importance of STEM Education

Growing up, no one talked about the importance of STEM education – but my father naturally made science, technology, engineering and math an everyday part of learning!

Being the daughter of a chemical engineer, my father instilled a wonder and curiosity about the world around me.

The Rubix cube everyone was addicted to? Math algorithms my dad explained. Baking my favorites cookies — why chemistry of course!

I still remember the diagrams my father drew explaining how a plane is able to fly during one of our trips to see my grandparents.

Every time I make any kind of airplane with my kiddos – from model to paper – my kids instantly talk about lift… STEM in action!

And speaking of planes, try this straw rocket STEM challenge with your kiddo.

But don’t take my word for it. There are a number of reasons STEM is truly valuable to today’s students, including:

STEM is where jobs are headed.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 10 fastest-growing occupations through 2026 are populated 100 percent by jobs that fall into STEM categories.

STEM is innovative.

Skilled employees in STEM fields are driving trends, which in turn creates additional jobs while boosting the economy.

STEM is a stepping stone.

The list of careers that fall under STEM categories continues expanding.

In addition to some of the more apparent careers and jobs, STEM learning can provide experience applicable to many other fields.

STEM is making a difference.

Driving social change through scientific research and technological advancements means STEM is at the forefront of making positive impacts in areas like medicine and engineering.

Funding for local schools is a key component in the STEM learning process!

To help advance educational opportunities, consider nominating your local school district for grants like those available from the America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education program, which includes $10,000 and $25,000 grants to fund improvements ranging from greenhouses to laboratory equipment to makerspaces.

Past winning programs used funds to improve internet connectivity, develop industrial arts labs and create life science and livestock learning laboratories.

Find more information and nominate your local school at

Girl learning STEM science and chemistry

Have Fun with Stem at Home

You can also emphasize the importance of STEM right in your home or classroom with these fun activities found through the following affiliate links: