How to Dial 911 From a Locked iPhone 5

We recently dropped our landline. It made terrific sense (and cents) to get rid of it. But I must admit — I worried about how my kids would be able to call 911 if they needed to.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to dial 911 from any locked iPhone 5.

1. Press the home button on the iPhone. The locked home screen will pull up.

2. Slide the screen toward the right, just like you were going to enter the passcode to unlock it.

3. In the lower left hand corner, press the word “Emergency.”


4. A regular phone keypad will pull up. Dial 911 and press the green call button to reach emergency officials.


That’s it folks. Surprisingly easy, right? Now go teach your kids how to do it. It may just save a life.



  1. I never knew this!! My phone is seldom locked, but my kids do lock theirs. Great info to know!

  2. A great idea – and something I shall be passing on to my kids, hopefully they will never need it but in case they do… Thanks for linking this one up Parenting Pin it Party too xx

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