How Our Dog Won My Mom Over

When I told my mom we were getting a dog, she thought we were a bit crazy. But our Boston Terrier quickly won my mom over.

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Our Dog Won My Mom Over

My mom grew up with cats.

And even while I was allergic to cats, we still had outside farm cats around the house.

What would we want with a dog, she asked?

But she hadn’t met our Boston Terrier Lucy yet.

Lucy as a Puppy

The first time she came to visit, she thought Lucy was adorable.

Umm…. how could you not?!?

And Lucy, always happy to make new friends, saddled right up to my mom.

At night, when we curled up on the couch to watch some television, Lucy made a beeline for my mom and curled up right next to her.

My mom was amused but not won over.

The entire visit, Lucy continued to curl up right next to my mom.

Did Lucy know that she needed to put in some extra effort to get in my mom’s good graces?

Lucy Ready to Play
Anyone want to play?

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

And then it happened.

During another visit, my mom became horribly sick.

The kind of sick where you’re so wiped out that all you can do is shuffle to the bathroom and then go right back to bed.

Lucy literally did not leave my mom’s side for three days.

Lucy is cuddled up on my son (who’s under the blanket). Even sleeping, she keeps her ear alert to keep watch over the family.

If my mom was in bed, Lucy would cuddle right up to her.

They would lay in the dark for hours, just the two of them. 

If my mom got up, Lucy followed her and then accompanied her right back to bed. Intuitively, Lucy knew that my mom didn’t feel well and needed her nearby.

For my mom, Lucy was a loving presence, not asking for anything in return other than to make sure my mom was taken care of.

It was amazing and inspiring to watch Lucy’s dedication.

How did Lucy understand that my mom needed her even when my mom didn’t know?


  1. Such a sweet dog & story 🙂 thank you for sharing it!! #client

    1. Aw thanks 😀 Our little Lucy has the most amazing EQ… she just knows how to read our family. It’s pretty impossible not to fall in love with her!

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