Have an Adventure in Gulf County, Florida

If you think of Florida, do you think of Micky Mouse, traffic and crazy drivers? Florida is so much more than the crazy tourist destinations!

Walk away from the hustle-and-bustle and embrace the beautiful outdoors that only Florida can truly offer. Gulf County, Florida makes it easy to live in the moment and enjoy the day.

There are adventures around every corner — snorkeling, horseback riding, hiking, camping and even seawater safaris! Grab your Gulf County Adventure Guide.

When you’re outside in Gulf County, Florida you’ll be sure to find something to do you’ve never done before. It makes me want to jump on a plane right now!

And so I thought I’d share my “must-do” itinerary for any vacation to Gulf County, Florida.

1. Swim With the Turtles


My youngest son absolutely adores sea turtles.

I swear it’s his spirit animal.

And if we had the chance to swim with the turtles and see these little babies hatch, this would be amazing!

2. Kayak Through the Dead Lakes


How amazing it would be to kayak through the Dead Lakes, which gets their name from the Cypress and Tupelo trees that stand in the water.

When the water is low, you can see the stumps rising out of the swamp.

I hear that the stumps are so concentrated, it’s like being on another planet.

3. St. Vincent Island National Wildlife Refuge


This wildlife refuse is a 12,300 acre undeveloped barrier island just off the tip of Indian Pass with a variety of habitat, numerous hiking and walking trails and nine miles of empty beaches.

The refuge is managed to preserve, in as natural a state as possible, its highly varied plant and animal communities with 10 separate habitat types.

How amazing the birding must be and seeing animals in their natural habitat.

I would love to just walk and explore the island!

Grab your Gulf County Adventure Guide!

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