Halloween Paper Candy Cups Craft

Looking for a fun way to hand out candy this year or a creative gift bag to give to guests at the end of a Halloween party?

These easy-to-make Halloween paper candy cups are the perfect crafts for kids (and adults) and will add a personal touch to your Halloween season.

And the best part is these paper candy cups could also be made for any occasion you have coming up, from Valentine’s Day to a wedding!

Be sure to check out this spooky collection of Halloween ideas, activities and recipes for the entire family. 

Halloween Snack Cones. Perfect craft and take away for goodies at a #Halloween party | Mommy Evolution

Halloween Paper Candy Cups Craft

Materials you’ll need:

  • Colored paper card stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Stickers
Halloween Candy Cups to take home goodies in! From Mommy Evolution

Instructions for Halloween Craft

1. Take one sheet of your paper card stock, preferably about 8 inches square.

If it’s already a square shape, you’re good to go. If not, trim one of the sides to make the card stock into one.

2. Fold one corner across the center as shown, making a point at the bottom of the paper.


3. Fold the other corner over the fold and secure it down using the glue stick.


4. Fold up the pointed tip and secure it down using the glue stick or a sticker.


5. Decorate with your Halloween stickers and have fun!

Halloween Candy Cups | Mommy Evolution
This is the paper cone my 8yo son made. It was super easy and he had fun thinking about where to put the stickers.
Halloween Candy Cups | Mommy Evolution
My 5yo made this yellow paper cup. Quite the little artist. He felt so proud lining up the candy corn stickers.

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    1. I’ve bought little bags for Halloween for quite a few years not realizing that I could make my own. Wonderful idea, and the kids can help too

      1. My boys loved making them. And my son is an almost-Halloween baby, so we’ll be making loads of them for his upcoming party. Good thing the kiddos really enjoyed making them 😀

    2. This is so cute! What a fun craft to get the kids involved in! This would be perfect for my son’s upcoming school Halloween party as party favors!

    3. These are cute! It would be great to make up several of them and have them out at the parties so guests can fill with whatever they want in them. Thank you for the idea!

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