Funny Dad Videos for Father’s Day

We love our husbands. They help cook, clean and do the laundry… yeah, right! But we love them anyway.

To all of those wonderful men who put up with our mommy craziness, take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese when we can’t face that place and know just when to open up a new bottle of wine, we can’t possibly say enough. So I won’t. Ha! Instead, I’m paying homage with some hysterical videos about dads.

Funny Dad Videos on YouTube for Father’s Day

Dad Life

BatDad – Batman Giving Kids Advice

Things Not To Say To Your Wife Song


Daddy Skills

I’m a Daddy and I Know It

Awesome collection of Funny Dad Videos!


  1. These are fantastic! My daughter started dancing around to the “I’m a Daddy and I know it” one.

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