Fare Thee Well, Downton Abbey

I’ve been feeling particularly sad this week. It happened some time during this week’s episode of Downton Abbey when I realized there was only one more episode left of this absolute masterpiece of a series.

Fare Thee Well, Downton Abbey


Oh sure. People can roll their eyes… but the fact is, Downton Abbey is a mega smash for a number of reasons.

First, we all think it would be dreamy to live in that time period. Well, if we had serious money. The fact is, unless you were “upstairs,” you worked yourself day and night!

Second, the etiquette and pomp and circumstance of the time is fascinating to see. Along with seeing that time period is understanding just how people carried on in their daily lives in that part of society. It’s hard to imagine just how woven together all of their lives are in many ways… from the upstairs and downstairs.

Third, the castle is to die for. Come on… you know we all daydream about living in that fabulous castle! And no, I never think about the drafts or how on earth they kept that place warm in the winters. In my fantasy, everything is perfectly heated and civilized.

And fourth, and the most important, are the characters. They all have become a part of my family, in a way. I think about them after each episode and wonder what awaits them around the corner. Will Mrs. Patmore be able to set herself up for “retirement?” Will the family be able to maintain the castle for future generations? And oh, poor poor Edith… will she ever ever ever find lasting love?

It may seem foolish, but I do think of these characters. And yes, I’ll even admit my heart breaks for Edith, who seems to always get the short end of the stick.

And so, I’m saying goodbye to the lovely fantasy and drama Downton Abbey has brought us all.

Fare thee well, Downton Abbey. You will not be forgotten quickly.


  1. Downtown Abbey has been my favorite show ever since it debuted! I’m hoping Edith will maybe win back the guy she just lost. I may be in the minority but I’ve never liked Mary. She really showed how mean she was in the last episode! Anyway, I know we must move on but it was a great ride while it lasted! Can Julian Fellowes come up with another hit series? I hope so! Too bad the TV writers in the USA can’t compare! Sadly, Janet

    1. I’m with you! I’m hoping Edith does win back the beau she just lost. She needs a serious win! And yes, Lady Mary never has been a lovable character. Getting married softened her but it’s horrible how nasty and self-centered she can be.

  2. I shall miss it as well! Looking forward to seeing the final episode on Monday or Tuesday when I will stream it. But I almost don’t want to watch the final episode–just keep it as something to look forward to. Will you be watching the series again? I imagine I will in several years.

    1. I probably will down the line… I’m actually thinking it’s time to rewatch the Forsythe Saga series. Have you ever watched it? SOOOOO good!

  3. I LOVE downton abbey! Haven’t seen the last season though:)

    1. Then it is time to catch up! 🙂 They really haven’t let us down this season. It will be hard to say goodbye.

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