The ONE New Year’s Resolution Your Family Needs to Make This Year

New Year’s resolutions are a bit of a thorny issue in our house. If you set unrealistic expectations, then we don’t teach our children how to stick with goals.

But if we pick something unsubstantial, what kind of message do we send our kiddos?

This year, our family resolution is to do a game night (or afternoon) at least once a week. When the kids were younger, we used to play games with each other all the time.

But they’re getting older — and their schedulers are maturing right along with them.

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Moms, don’t you feel like all you do is run your kids from one event to the other?

There are days I actually have to map out my route so I can drop one kid off at soccer, pick up the other one from the library, head home just in time to give the dogs a walk before running back out to pick up the other one.

And don’t even get me started when I’m supposed to have time to make dinner!

This year, I’m giving up on dinner once a week and going to something pre-made.

Oh yes. You read that right. Instead of slaving over a stove, I’m going to use a frozen entree or cooked chicken.

No homework. No mail. Just good old fashioned time with the kids. I mean, why let making dinner eat up the time you have with your kids?

The ONE New Year's Resolution Your Family Needs to Make This Year | Mommy Evolution

Need Quality Family Ideas?

This year Santa brought lots of good games to our home, including Monopoly!

Our youngest is finally old enough to get into this game, and I’m ready for the challenge.

Game Night!

Game nights are an amazing way to connect with your kids.

And I have to admit — sometimes the kids just want to stare at the TV.

But once I get that tube off, they always have a wonderful time.

After our holiday vacation where we played loads of games, we all decided that our family resolution this year would be to make sure we have at least one game night or game afternoon together as a family.


Baking with the kids doesn’t have to be a stressful production.

There are so many fun treats you can all make together.

You’ll be amazed at what your kid can do in the kitchen with you.

Movie Night

Some nights we all decide to curl up and watch a movie.

But it’s a production in our home.

While dinner is cooking, we’ll set up the picnic blankets on the floor and even have the DVD cued up so once dinner is done, we can snuggle up together amid the blankets, pillows and dogs.

We’ll even make some healthy popcorn for an after-dinner treat.

And even though we may be watching a movie, we almost never stop talking the whole time.

My boys love to chit chat about what’s happening in a scene (lots of life lessons) as well as what they think is going to happen.

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