Dyslexia Books for Parents

The first thing I did when I found out my child is Dyslexic was find Dyslexia Books for Parents that would help me understand him and his specific needs.

These parenting books about Dyslexia will help you better understand your child and what your child specifically needs.

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You can find these parenting books about Dyslexia at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

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Dyslexia Resources for Parents

My son Vman’s diagnosis wasn’t particularly a surprise. He entered 2nd grade not being able to read at all. 

Every time he turned to a new page in a beginner reading book, it was like he was seeing the words for the very first time and had to try to sound them out. 

There were a number of red flags that the school “reading specialist” continued to overlook.

Instead, she said he needed to work harder, which about the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. This kid was working HARD! She just wasn’t providing him the tools to help him learn how to read in the way that his brain wanted to read.

Dyslexia Resources for Parents


Some great books that can help children with Dyslexia read include:


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    Dyslexia books for parents - reading for special needs parenting

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    1. Great tools & resources (and all in one spot)! I’ve never been more frustrated than when trying to get reading help for my pre-teen. She’s in a special education class, and we were told as such she was not eligible for a reading specialist. Not sure about THAT logic – but once we got specialized help (via several lost months and an atty) her reading is improving slowly but surely.

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