Dinosaur Party Birthday Games, Decorations and Fun

What better way to celebrate the sequel to Jurassic Park on June 12th than with a Brachiosaurus-sized bash? Fossilize the fun with these fun dinosaur party birthday game, decorations and food ideas! You’ll be sure to create an adventure to remember.

Dinosaur Party Birthday Theme! Games, Food & Decoration Ideas for the perfect Jurassic World Party

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Dinosaur Party Birthday Decorations and Food

Dinosaur Party Jurassic World Food/Drink

Keep the herbivores, carnivores and omnivores happy by offering an array of good eats for your guests. Consider a delectable veggie tray filled to the brim with a variety of greens, including sliced cucumbers, broccoli, celery, and green beans. For the meat-eating species, you could serve deviled eggs and grill up some chicken or turkey legs.

For dessert, you could make a delicious “dirt” cake, “fossilized” cookies, or serve cupcakes with candy eggs on top.

Your guests are sure to love eating with their favorite dinosaurs, so be sure to get some fun party supplies that fit the bill! This dinosaur snack party pack includes napkins, plates, cups, forks, and spoons. For drinks, you could make a big pitcher of mint or cucumber-infused water and label it “swamp water,” or “the watering hole.”

Jurassic World Party Decorations

Dinosaur Party Jurassic World Party Decor

Welcome to the jungle! Decorate your party space with faux trees made out of cardboard, foliage made out of construction paper, rocks and even dirt if you’re feeling adventurous! Or, better yet, have the party outside! You could even make dinosaur “eggs” using styrofoam and paint. Birthday In a Box has a dino-mite selection of party decorations, including Jurassic World table covers and table decorating kits, balloons, and even a roaringly fun dinosaur pinata!

Dinosaur Party Birthday Games and Activities

Dinosaur Party Games

How about a little game of dinosaur toss? The person with the highest points wins a prize.

Have the kids go “digging” for bones with some frozen fossils. Perfect for a hot day!

For younger kids, get them moving and work out their energy during the party with a dinosaur movement game where they act just like dinosaurs

Have the kids dig through the goo to pick out their dinosaur party favor!

Send all of your little paleontologists home with their very own dinosaur party game. You can share a FREE printable dinosaur memory game.

Let the kiddos reveal their loudest roar while wearing these FREE printable dinosaur masks.

Who’s up for a game of hide and seek? Dinosaur hide and seek that is!

Is there a budding artist in the house as well? Have the kiddos paint their own speckled dinosaur eggs.

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  1. My little girl loves roaring around like a dinosaur and I love this! She asked for a my little pony birthday cake this year and she even gave me directions from youtube! Lol gotta love it, she will be 4. Thank you for some great party ideas.

  2. This looks like a lot of fun. My boys would have loved something like this when they were little. I love the game suggestions too. So creative. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

  3. Wow what a fun theme for a little boy’s birthday. Maybe my son will fall in love with dinosaurs so I can use some of these amazing ideas. For now it is pirates. Lol thanks for sharing at the Home Matters Party!

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