Curse the Person Who Created SpongeBob SquarePants

Fighting kids about the television is a never ending battle. Just as we get them hooked on PBS programming, their friends introduce them to the most vacuous, mind-numbing, make-you-want-to-hit-your-head-against-the-wall TV shows. Oh yes. I’m referring to SpongeBob SquarePants.

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I do a fairly decent job controlling what my kids watch. However, I recently had two kids home sick. And you know, parents, that in a situation like that, you do anything possible just to survive the situation. Having one child home ill is tough enough. Add another one into the equation and suddenly you have knock-down, drag-out fights between the kids. I had to physically put myself between them to keep them from injuring each other.

So when I went to the kitchen for five minutes and everything was quiet, I worried the TV room had exploded. Instead, I found a more horrific scene. They had found SpongeBob SquarePants on one of the channels. And, you guessed it, it was a marathon. NO!!!!!!

Although they were settled down, my brain turned into a gelatinous gooey mess. One hour of that programming literally made me want to cry. How have parents survived this show for this long?

SpongeBob SquarePants has no redeeming qualities. I kept waiting for some small social lesson. Instead, it offered ridiculous antics just for the sake of being obnoxious.

Once the boys were better, poor SpongeBob once again was banned from our house. But I have a feeling that while I’ve won the battle, the kids ultimately will win the TV war.

And in case your wondering just how ridiculous this show is, a video is circulating on YouTube of Russian soldiers marching to the theme of SpongeBob SquarePants. Enjoy?


EVOLVE: What kid television program can you not stand? Have you been able to keep it out of the house?


  1. I fought this same battle many years ago with my kids. I tried to focus on PBS, but as they got older those nefarious influences like Bart Simpson and Super Mario started to sneak into their lives. When they were preteens MTV made its debut. I got so disgusted that we cut off cable TV for six months, The best that you can do is monitor and provide good example in what you watch because you cannot be with your children all the time, and they will get some exposure to less than desirable TV through their peers.

    1. They already know so much junk from their friends at school, who happen to have older siblings. I know I won’t always be able to manage it, but right now, a mom can dream, can’t she? 😉

  2. Anna at Mama Writes says:

    I really dislike Spongebob, it is the stupidest most useless cartoon I have ever seen… Luckily, so far, my daughter likes to watch Dora and has learned a lot from it, including some Spanish! I just keep that idiotic Spongebob off the TV, and try to keep her interested in better shows… I think that boys tend to like it more than girls, so I imagine how hard it is to keep them from watching it…

    1. Yes, boys do seem to like the more ridiculous humor. However, Dora was a big hit in my house for quite some time. But they’re just too old for Dora and even Diego now. Thank goodness for Wild Kratts!

  3. I loathe Spongebob! I never allow it, but somehow my son knows what it is. My inlaws always look at me funny when I say no to it…how can they not see what garbage it is!?

    1. I don’t think grandparents always think. They just see something that makes their grandkid happy…. and well, that is their job as grandparents, right?

  4. I dislike Spongebob with a very strong passion! Grandboy wasn’t allowed to watch it at my house for a long time. I tell him spongebob kills your brain cells. But somehow it has been on my tv more than I care to admit. I don’t understand why childrens tv has to be so disrespectful and borderline bullyish. I always make a point to tell Grandboy that we don’t act/do/say the things spongebob does. He’s 5 and he replies “it’s just a show mammaw”!

  5. Rachel Young says:

    I dunno, I have mixed opinions.. I grew up as this show was popular and liked it.. being a mom now, I do think some of the episodes are sweet when it comes to Spongebob and his relationship with patrick, and Sandy. They are just such good friends and it seems spongebob just doesn’t know how to be anything but nice to people. He’s never mean or rude and always stands up for his friends. HOWEVER I do agree that there are some inappropriate conversations that go on in the show.. and def topics I wouldn’t want my younger kids watching.

    1. Not knowing SpongeBob well, it immediately pushed a button of mine. But is it good to know that he has a good friendship that is highlighted. So next time I won’t feel like the boys are just watching mush 🙂

  6. I hate Spongebob with a passion, it has been on since I was little and I have never ever watched it. Its complete tosh! Luckily my son doesn’t like it either and prefers more educational shows, like Team Umizoomi, Super Why and Dora. 🙂

  7. When Spongebob cries, laughs, screams, whines…you name it…I feel like my head is going to pop off! The sound on that show is obnoxious! And for some reason, kids love it! We’ve compromised at our house. The kids can watch it here and there, but marathons are outlawed because they make Mommy CRAZY!

  8. I’ll be the odd voice out on this one. 😉 I quite enjoy Spongebob. I actually watched it as a Singleton when it first aired, because my nephew liked it.

    As for social lessons, I see them. He is one of a kind, yes. But, he is a nice guy, has friends, works hard, takes care of his pet…what’s wrong with that? Yeah, he has an annoying voice but he doesn’t curse or say anything derogatory. He keeps trying to get that damn boating license, so it shows determination. But hey, to each their own.

    And Squidward plays the clarinet, which I used to for many years – so I have a bias. 😉

    However, too much of anything is not good at all. And to each their own. In our household, my son does have a tendency to fixate on certain shows, which then leads into marathons of shows I want to bang my head against the wall. I hate the autotuned songs of Bubble Guppies, or trying to figure out where Max and Ruby’s parents are.

    1. Hey, Loco Mommy. Everyone has their weak spot! Mine… videos games. Although I think the boys could play them for hours. But I’m down for playing Skylanders for an hour with them.

      BTW — Saw your post about Karate. We tried it but my son had an impossible time focusing that long. Good for you for sticking it out. We had to find another outlet… gymnastics! But he loves the tumbling and stuff.

  9. I have never seen Sponge Bob but this was a great post. I will have to keep this in mind for when I have grandchildren.

  10. Hope @ Fairhope Supply Co. says:

    We banned sponge bob and other shows like that years ago. I find the humor teaches kids to be disrespectful. It isn’t encouraging either. I know that sounds overprotective, but “trash in – trash out.”

    We also didn’t watch much Sesame Street, which I know sounds strange, but it is very flashy – and makes things like books and teachers seem boring.

    And I have a master’s degree in early childhood and elementary ed. My children are both teens now and in the gifted programs, so somewhere along the way we did something right. Or else nature just worked some magic!

    Good luck!

    1. We keep television to ones that teach something… either a social message or school. One thing my parents did was they talked so us about we were watching. So there’s a lot of interaction with us while it’s on. I like to know their brains are working even during their reset time. SpongeBob just made them zone out into a different world… and that voice drove me CRAZY!

  11. cory nicastro says:

    I found you through the Friday Flash Blog hop!

    I don’t have children, but I have HATED Spongebob with a passion for YEARS! So, I was glad to see that I am not alone 🙂


    1. Thanks for visiting from Friday Flash Blog 🙂 I had read your blog (with kids all over me) and haven’t had a chance to respond. Ironically, I was a morning person BEFORE I had kids. Now, I just pray to sleep 10 more minutes 🙂

  12. Sponge Bob was banned in my home as well . . . I must say, I was so happy to read this post, as well as the comments – I was criticized mercilessly by a few when my kids were younger because of our TV rules, this was refreshing 🙂

    I don’t say this to sound like I was being a better parent by any means, but ya know what? Those same gals who chastised me back then have a lot more difficulties dealing with the attitudes of their kids than I ever did – I stand by my banning of Sponge Bob and so many shows like it . . .

    1. Good for you! And you’re right. People thought I was crazy for banning SpongeBob from the house — but he hasn’t been missed one bit.

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