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I often see these types of signs at the Chicago Botanic Gardens when we visit. I’ve always believed in carrying our own water bottles rather than doling out money for municipal water and wasting plastic. But I was shocked to learn it takes 3 liters of fresh water to produce every liter of bottled water.


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  1. Well, that is new information and something to really get you thinking. Wow.
    though I had read something about those hand dryers spreading germs. Not sure how accurate it is.

  2. I always carry a fresh topped up plastic water bottle.
    Thanks for hosting ;D

  3. I love signs that inform us like this. We always have water bottles with us to fill. We are fortunate that we live in a country where we don’t have to worry about unsafe water. Hopefully more people will catch on with signs like these.

    1. You’re right, Jennifer. We are crazy lucky to not have to worry about unsafe drinking water. I’m always amazed at the people who complain about their tap water, like it’s contaminated. We live right next to Lake Michigan so we use a filter to remove a little bit of the taste but otherwise it’s perfect!

  4. Wow! I did not know that water was wasted making bottled water. Good lesson!

  5. Sweet Day says:

    I am shocked, too, to learn 3 litres of water is required to produce 1 litre of bottled water!

    1. Crazy, right? It just reinforces why I always have my own bottle to fill up with water with me.

    1. Thanks, Cathy 😀 I couldn’t help but share when I came across these signs.

  6. There are lots of simple things we can do that really don’t change our lives all that drastically.

    1. I agree. Not everything has to be life altering to make a huge difference 🙂

    1. Yeah! Thanks for sharing, Sarah. I was quite shocked to learn just how much water is wasted to make one bottle of water!

    1. Hey, Christy. Have you ever tried the under-the-sink filters? Those refrigerator filters are terrible. We used Franke filters which we installed into the water flow under our sink and it saved us from tasting that horrible Chicago water. Just something to think about…. and way less expensive than buying water.

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