Commando Men: The Debate of Underwear

What is up with men and their lack of underwear?

Going commando is supposed to be sexy and alluring if a woman does it.

Men dream of women walking around in tight short skirts without undies. Ugh. (Remember the Britney Spears scandal when she was getting out of her limo and flashed her goodies to photographers?)

But men, you don’t fool us women. When you go commando, it’s about being lazy and relaxed for Sunday afternoons. It’s about not doing your laundry for a month and those “landing strips” you leave for us in the dirty clothes basket.

Who knew this need to go commando was actually genetic? I can’t tell you how many times my boys have gotten dressed only to have me discover they didn’t put on any underwear!

I’ve bought Batman, Green Lantern, Sponge Bob Square Pants and even monkey underwear to entice them to slip those suckers on.

And yet, they continue to try sneaking in a day of no undies.

I have visions of them as men, shuffling around the house in loose-fitting shorts with their crack hanging out the back. Ugh.

Does it really matter if they have underwear on or not? Not particularly.

I guess it’s just my ongoing battle in believing I have some say in how these boys turn out.

Note: Some kids have sensory issues that make underwear and other clothing feel terrible against their skin. To learn more about sensory challenges, visit The Sensory Spectrum.


  1. Very funny post, Jenny! Good luck with those landing strips! Yuck!!

  2. thejennyevolution says:

    Ha! Thanks Loy! It’s an ongoing odyssey of laundry I was never prepared for.

  3. Some times the boys need to roam free down there and choose how they want to go to battle……aw yaaaa….the simple things in life…..they really are the best. Plus your swimmers get maximum free range and optimal heat environment to cook up that DNA properly – “It’s a Chromosome party time”…I can hear it now in fact, but I’m not invited to that party. The only downside is when you zipper up quickly and catch yourself, then you know the cold reality of steal on seasoned flesh. As far as the landing strips go – part of being a suburban warrior……well earned….gonna make those Tide commercials work for their money…..if you know what I mean…….those ad boys at Proctor Gamble better be spewing some truth, cuz I got some brown glory to cut through…..

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