Chapter Books about Dyslexia for Kids

My oldest son has Dyslexia. As he got older, he wanted to read about more kids like himself, so I sought out Chapter Books about Dyslexia.

It wasn’t easy — while authors are beginning to write more about Dyslexia and creating more complex characters around this subject, it took some searching on my part. Hopefully this list will make it easier for you to read about Dyslexia with your child!

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You can find these books about Dyslexia at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience.

Dyslexia Chapter Books for Elementary and Middle School | Mommy Evolution #dyslexia #reading

Some of my personal favorite books are by Henry Winkler (also known as The Fonz!)

He has Dyslexia and has written a full series of books about his character Hank in elementary school.

His latest book (Niagara Falls, or Does It?) is for a bit older crowd.

Chapter Books about Dyslexia for Kids

Chapter Books about Dyslexia

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    chapter books about dyslexia for kids

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    1. Fish in a Tree is by far one of my favorite books… ever. I used it for a book club with my middle schoolers. I might also recommend the Percy Jackson series: The Lightning Thief. Despite being a fantasy book based on Greek mythology, the main character has ADHD and dyslexia. What he feels are his greatest weaknesses end up being his strengths.

    2. Hello Mommy Evolution:

      one of my favourite books about dyslexia and learning disability is Barthe DeClements’ Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You.

      The character, Helen, was involved in theatre and in creative mischief.

        1. Mommy Evolution:

          always so good when the Sensory Blog Hop comes around, because this time I am able to remember that a month ago I wrote to you about dyslexia and literature.

          And I hoped I had some new recommendations as well as the classic I recommended.

          Can understand why the Lightning Thief didn’t jump on your agenda.

          My July tip might be to look for things about the parietal lobe of the brain.

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