Celebrate Day of Happiness and Spread the Love

"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions". ~Dalai Lama quote
“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” ~Dalai Lama (Photo credit: Jan Michael Ihl)

March 20 is the official United Nations International Day of Happiness. Yes, there is an actual day of happiness. But every day should be a day of joy, right? Here in the United States, the pursuit of happiness is even part of our constitution. And yes, the idea of happiness gets twisted with financial success, even though study after study shows that once a person’s basic needs are met, they have very little correlation.

To kick off this shift in understanding increasing human happiness and wellbeing should be a priority, not just growing the economy at all costs, all 193 United Nations member states has adopted a resolution calling for a day to inspire action for a happier world.

When we do things to bring happiness to others, everyone benefits. It helps the people we connect with, boosts our own well-being and also inspires others to be more caring and positive too. This Day of Happiness campaign is being led by Action for Happiness and Cheers, in partnership ​with a network of amazing organizations and people supporting the Day of Happiness all around the world.

So what can you do? It’s simple! Visit Day of Happiness and ACT:

  • Affirm the Pledge by joining thousands of others and make a pledge to bring more happiness to others
  • Cheer Happy Heroes who bring happiness to others and tell us why
  • Take Part of the Day by doing something, big or small, to take part on 20 March and bring happiness to others. (They even offer ideas if you’re stumped.)

Be daring and spread some joy around you. It can be such a simple act, but it can start a chain reaction.

EVOLVE: How are you going to participate in the Day of Happiness?


  1. bamauthor says:

    What a fantastic idea. Gives new meaning to “Don’t worry, be happy.” I will take the pledge and try to bring happiness to everyone I meet that day. Hopefully, this will carry over to every day after.

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