Budget Dorm Decorating Ideas

Has your teen already headed of too college or are you gearing up for the big day?

While you’re focusing on books and supplies, getting ready to #FallBackToSchool, don’t overlook where your college-bound kid is going to spend a lot of time… her dorm!

If your child is anything like me, her environment can make a big impact on how she feels (including her study time).

Help set up your kiddo to have a stellar year by creating a welcoming environment.

But it doesn’t have to break the bank. Try out these budget dorm decorating ideas!

Budget Dorm Decorating Ideas | Mommy Evolution AD #FallBackToSchool

And before dropping off your new college student, why not bolster them up with inspirational quotes for college students.

Budget Dorm Decorating Ideas

As a general rule dorm rooms are boring.

The walls are off-white, the lighting isn’t the best in the world, and the only furniture is usually a bed and a desk.

If you’re lucky you have a closet. What’s a college student to do?

Try these budget dorm decoration ideas to add your personality to your dorm room.

Cover the Walls

Most likely you won’t be able to paint your walls, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with bland.

Measure the wall from top to bottom and side to side.

Find fabric you like, soak it in liquid fabric starch and adhere it to the walls. It is easy to remove and can be reused.

You can also use posters or other wall art.

Print out inspirational sayings that can be taped to the walls to keep the environment creative.

I went to college in Colorado, and I found an old light-up window sign with the Colorado mountains on it.

It had such character and really added to the room.

Even after college, that sign has moved from my house, to my dad’s house, to even my brother’s house. Everyone just loves it… and I found it at a junk shop.

Add Color to Your Bed, Windows

Your dorm bed is not going to be the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept on.

Chances are it will have drawers in it to store clothing (although mine didn’t).

Find a great comforter and bedding to make a statement. Add extra pillows to create a daybed look.

You may also be able to find an accent rug which coordinates with the fabric you’ve chosen for the bedding.

Choose curtains in a complimentary solid shade so they don’t clash too much with your roommate’s bedding.

Create Extra Storage

Raise your bed with cinder blocks if you need extra storage.

You can then slip plastic totes under the bed.

I even kept our car-top carrier under the bed for when I had to drive across country to get back home for the summer!

Closet organizers might also be a good choice if you have more clothing than space to store it.

Think of ways you can use items to get double duty out of them.

A storage trunk can be used to store things and as a table when necessary.

My storage trunk traveled from room to room, acting as a table and storage center.

I personalized it with stickers over the college years, and now it’s the perfect momento.

Change the Lighting

Your dorm room will come with overhead lighting and a fluorescent lamp on the desk.

Neither is very flattering and may not provide the best light.

You can use a floor lamp to add interest as well as mirrors to make the room look larger.

You may also want to add white Christmas lights (also called Italian lights), which can be helpful when trying to change the lighting in your room.

Move the Furniture

Chances are you’ll have a roommate with the same lovely furniture you have. But you’re not stuck with how you arrange it in your room.

Try different ways to arrange the furniture in the room.

Rather than having a bed and desk on one wall, try arranging the beds in an L-shape.

This will leave a space in the corner to place shelves or a table. Think of ways to add originality to the room layout.

Bring Home with You

Don’t forget to bring items which remind you of home.

Pictures, plants and your favorite stuffed animal can help you avoid homesickness, but they can also be a focal point upon which to decorate your half of your dorm room.

Having familiar items around you may also help you study.

Try these budget dorm decoration ideas even if you don’t live in a dormitory.

These same ideas can be used whenever you have a small area to decorate. Your dorm room is a temporary dwelling. Consider the space you have and then try to make the most of it.

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