Best New Books for Toddlers

Bring the joy of books and reading to your little one with my recommendations of the best new books for toddlers.

No doubt about it… there is nothing better than snuggling up with your toddler and sharing a wonderful book.

Whether the book is silly or sweet, story time was always my personal favorite time with my kiddos.

Be sure to check out even more best new books from the present and past years!

Find the Best New Books for Toddlers of 2014 at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for our convenience.

Best New Books for Toddlers of 2014 | Mommy Evolution

New Toddler Books

One surprising book was Flashlight.

A wordless book that tell ones of the best stories of the year for sure!

Best New Books for Toddlers

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    1. Thanks for the recommendations! I got my 2 year old Uni, Maple & Gaston & they were all a hit. Especially Maple since our family will be growing in a few weeks. Need to check out the Baby book post now because of that!

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